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One of the most interesting events of recent months has been the participation of many of our senior boys in the making
of a film. Don't miss seeing "The Browning Version " when it comes to your cinema. The boys enjoyed themselves on
the set, Playing cricket and taking part in the crowd scenes, and with their earnings bought for the school a new film
projector, a grand piano and some silver bugles. Watch out for "the old firm" at Wimbledon too, where once again we
hope to dance attendance on the stars.

R. F. W.

Miss Jean Kent off set with Goldings Ball Boys.

Miss Joan Regan recieving a bouquet before the kick off.

Football Ball Boys

Saturday, in September our school provided the six ball boys for a football match at Catford Stadium between two
County Schools F. A. (
Does anybody remember the date, the names of the Counties, and the score). Answer for those who
donít remember, it was southern Counties, and the score more than ten to one team ?
Our very own. Ted Townsend presented a bouquet to Miss Joan Regan a radio, television, and stage singer. Proceeds
From the game were donated to the Homes. The other boys were Peter Townsend, Bob Bone, Walter Snaith,
Tony Draper, and Chris Alsemgeest

September 1949

Miss Jean Kent off set with 30 or so Goldings Boys who acted as extras for the film The Browning Version. Miss Kent is
seen signing the cricket bat for the Boys.

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I was reading through some old GOLDONIANS a few weeks back, and I was very interested to read in the Winter edition
of 1950 three stories from boys, and a master about their parts in the making of the film The Browning Version. As a
result of the efforts of the boys of the School of that time, the film company responsible for the making of the film
presented us with a Bell and Howell 16mm. cine projector. What a boon that projector has been, apart from the Thursday
evening feature programmes when we can see popular and up-to-date films, we have taken advantage of a great majority
of the educational film libraries with films about every trade and activity imaginable. It is not unusual for this old friend
to be in use four or five evenings a week during the winter months, taking us to every corner of the world, and into outer
space. Like all machines however, the life of a projector is not ad infinitum, and after twelve years, well,
'fings ain't what they used to be!' So if any film companies are looking for 'extras' (or 'leads' for that matter), a 16mm.
projector on their expense sheet could probably solve their problem.

R. F. W.

The Ball boys met many celebrities from Wimbledon

Manuel Santana meets Ball boys 1966

Click photograph for still from The Browning version