Goldings Personality

The fact that Mr. Powell is Editor of the Goldonian is no excuse for him to deny the magazine's readership the opportunity to study
him as this issue's 'Goldings Personality'. Although he is now District Commissioner for Hertford's Scouts, as his one-time Patrol
Leader I stood him to attention and photographed him. I first became aware of his existence some thirty-eight years ago when I was
commissioned to take him home from school when he became ill. Later we were to become founder members of the present 3rd
Hertford Scout Troop and it amazes us both that the Scoutmaster we then plagued is still in charge of that Troop.
Mr. Powell served his apprenticeship with Messrs. Stephen Austin and Sons after first Pausing long enough in the front office to
gain his Costing and Estimating qualifications. In many ways his youth ran parallel to that of our own apprentices. He was in 'digs'.
After paying his landlady he had 1s. 3d. a week to splash around on clothes and luxuries. Impossible? Of course it was-he used to
beg for overtime at 5. 1/2d. an hour. Before he could complete his time King George VI invited him to serve in the Forces,
Mr. Powell served for 7 years with the Hertfordshire Regiment and saw service in Gibraltar and Italy, becoming Signal Sergeant.
Having helped bring the Second World War to a conclusion he returned to complete his apprenticeship and to commence studying
City and Guilds subjects, gaining wider experience meanwhile by seeking employment further a field. Concurrently, and after
obtaining his Full Technological Certificate, he taught part time at the Hertford College of Further Education and eventually took
up his full-time teaching post at Goldings in May, 1952. His long association with the Boy Scout movement made this transition
from craftsman to teacher of craftsmen comparatively easy. He was immediately accepted by the boys who appreciate that if their
efforts to assimilate knowledge match his efforts to distribute it, their success is assured. Quick to dispense and appreciate humour,
as critical of bad workmanship as only a craftsman can be, we hope, for the sake of Goldings and particularly the Printing
Department, that his 'talents' are long invested in our School.

R. S.
The Goldonian Summer 1964

Mr Trevor Powell, Retiring General Manager of the Barnardo School of Print.

Friends and colleagues gathered for a special retirement celebration around the Stone
at the Barnardo School of Printing, to say farewell to Mr Trevor Powell who was
leaving the School, after working with Barnardo apprentices since the early 1950s.
At the retirement gathering Mr Sam Edgar, the School Principal, said: 'Trevor has
always given of his best, be it work or play 150 per cent was his minimum. His
enthusiasm and vitality was a lesson to us all'.
Trevor's career in print began when he left school in 1933.
Unfortunately, the war intervened before he could complete his apprenticeship, and
he served in the Hertfordshire Regiment. In the post-war years, he returned to work
hard for his Full Technological Certificate in Printing, while also teaching at the
Hertford College of Further Education, part-time.
In 1952, his long stint of service with Barnardo's began when he was appointed
full-time teacher of compositor's work at what was then the
William Baker Technical School, Goldings. At about this time too, he became one
of the founder members and chairman of the Goldings Old Boys' Association and from 1957 to 1967 was editor of the school
magazine, The Goldonian. Among his many duties at this time was that of film projectionist for the popular 'Big Film Show on
Thursday evenings'!
When Goldings closed in 1967, Trevor left to take up a position at Ware College of Further Education, but he found he could not
settle and was missing the atmosphere at the print school. So, after one term, he returned to the Barnardo School of Printing, first of
all as Office Manager and later as General Manager.
At the moment Trevor's retirement looks set to be almost as busy as his working life! He has a number of outside interests which
have made him a popular figure in the local community and now he is devoting a great deal of time to them. He is Assistant
Secretary to Hertfordshire Regiment Comrades' Association, a Member of the Royal British Legion, and a reader for
''Talking Newspaper!'
He has been involved in the Scout movement for 50 years, and still finds time to take part in his favourite sport . . . bowling! And
at the time of going to press he had just started helping with the Meals on Wheels service.
His wife has always supported him 100 per cent in work and play, and they enjoyed their 41st wedding anniversary celebration,
shortly after his retirement.
Our thanks to Trevor for all the help given in the production of THE GUILD MESSENGER over the years, and our good wishes
to him and Mrs Powell for a long and happy retirement.

Mr Trevor Powell is “farewelled by Mr S Edgar”

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With the publication of this issue of this magazine, I complete my sixth year as editor, and although the trials and tribulations have
been many (and still are) I have enjoyed doing this job very much , and have made many friends, some of whom I have never seen
Once again I would like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported me during these years, and I’m sure I can look forward
to your continued support through the next year(s)
N T Powell
Goldonian Winter 1962


It is quite possible that I am, in a small way, making history in the journalistic world,
because my first writings ever to be published are that of an editorial! Surely no previous
mortal has ever dared to take on such a responsible position as this without having first
had published at least a poem! Be that as it may, I have volunteered, and Mr. Wheatley
has most kindly accepted me as your Editor.
All I can say at this stage is that I will do my utmost to keep up the high standard my
predecessors have set with this publication.
This issue has been written, prepared and printed in a very short space of time, and I do
most sincerely thank all subscribers for their co-operation at such short notice, and a
special "thank you'' to the Printing Department for their co-operation too!
For the Summer issue I am running a Photographic Competition. All boys are invited to
submit to me snapshots of any subject by Monday, 1st July; the best three will be published
in the next issue and prizes awarded.
My apologies to the people who have written material for this issue, which has not been
used; those articles will be held over to appear in the Summer issue.
One last word. I should like all copy in for the Summer issue by Monday, 8th July. This is the Monday after Wimbledon, but only
15 working days before we break up for the Summer holidays, so where possible get your copy in before Wimbledon. Come along
scribes—start now!
N. T. P.
The Goldonian Vol. XII number ! Spring 1957

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Mr Trevor Powell passed away Monday 3rd August 1992 aged 73 among the 300 people who attended his funeral were
representatives from Barnardo's H Q, Old Boys and staff who were at Goldings, and the Barnardo's School of Printing.

N T Powell