Goldonian 1933

Despite some cynical remarks about 'Ice cream' and 'Tonibell' our
new lorry is a very smart affair, finished in dark blue and white or
in our case grey and darker grey.
IT has been built as a dual-purpose or perhaps it would be
truer to say, an all-purpose unit, to transport any form of
Merchandise and/or humans!
The motor is an Austin product and was supplied by Messrs.
Neale's Garage of Hertford. The coachwork was made and
supplied by Messrs. McMullen's (coach builders) of Hertford,
and the man responsible for the making was a Goldings old
boy, Mr. Jeffrey Varnham.
Mr. Varnham was trained as a carpenter and wheelwright at
our School under the late Mr. Disney during the years 1933-6.
The picture shows Mr. Varnham standing next to the lorry
before handing it over to Mr. Whitbread, who needs no

N. T. P.

Easter 51 Mr Whitbread and the senior A football team

Mr. Sid Whitbread is known to thousands of former Goldings Boys, having served for forty-two years as a member of staff at the
William Baker Technical School and, after its closure, at the new Barnardo School of Printing. He will be particularly remembered
for his sporting talents and his services to soccer and cricket. He has retired to Norfolk, and will carry with him the good wishes of
many Old Boys and Girls, and their families and many staff at Goldings and Head Office. With him in our picture is our good friend,
Mr. Ron Stackwood, Principal of the Barnardo School of Printing, to whom we pay tribute for so much excellent work for the
Barnardo family.

Winter 1961

Mr. Sid Whitbread receives his presentation clock from Mr. R. Stackwood

Mr Sidney George Whitbread retired from Dr. Barnardos in 1973 after 42 years of service. Sidney regularly attended the Goldings
reunion each year where the old boys were always delighted to see him, as for most boys he was the first person of Goldings
staff they met.

Mr Sidney George Whitbread died on 2nd January 1999,

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Mr Sidney George Whitbread

Goldings February 1931 to the close in 1967

An invaluable member of Goldings staff

We were transported all over the

country side in Mr Whitbreads van

( The Albion Man)

Sid Whitbread