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The First Official Cricket Team?
THE FIRST cricket team to be formed was in fact a
scratch team, as we did not arrive at Goldings until the
1922 season was well in hand, and so that team cannot
really be considered as our first team. However, I can
recall that one member of the staff (who you all know—
no prizes for naming him!) was presented with a live
duck which laid an egg, and that was more than his total
number of runs scored!
Despite this achievement he got into the team next season
and stayed there for many seasons to come, and spent a
lot of his time running around the bottom and top fields
but, alas, he has now retired. There have been a lot of
alterations to the bottom field since those early days; the
bank was some five to six yards nearer the table than it is
today, and was dug out over the years by staff and boys.
The same method was used for digging out the hole for the swimming bath.The 1923 team reproduced opposite is as follows:
Standing left to right: G. Richardson, T. Ayling, F. Cawood, Mr. Williamson, W. Paul, Mr. D. Davies.
Sitting left to right: A. Battrick, M. Maxwell, Mr. W. J. Garnett (Hon. Govenor), E. Palmer, E. Cowley, C. Hartley.
Goldonian Winter 1963
H. DE B.

Email received 19-03-21
Dear Sir
My father was at 18-22 Stepney Causeway London in 1922 He was among the first group to go to William baker School
I have a photo of him in the cricket team as the wicket keeper dated 1922
His date of birth was 7 March 1907
He did carpentry at the school and in sport was good at Boxing .
I have tried to put some information together for my own children but have very little .
If you can help me it would be wonderful to tell my grandchildren.
Brian Battrick