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Mr . W. H. Millar


Mr. Miller a master printer for many years passed away while in service 30th December 1964
MR. MILLAR, Master Printer at Goldings since 1939, was probably more widely known than any other member of Goldings staff,
as his work brought him into contact with many people serving in other fields. The esteem in which he was held everywhere has
been shown by the many tributes to his memory, which have been received at the school since the news of his death in hospital on
30th December. He was due for retirement in July next and his untimely passing has come as a shock to us all. Our heartfelt
sympathy goes out to Mrs. Millar in her bereavement.
Mr. Millar came to England from Canada, commencing work in this country as an estimator for Messrs. Whitehead Bros. Of
Wolverhampton. For five years prior to taking up his post at Goldings he was Manager of the main works of this Printing firm He was
Honorary Warden of a Wolverhampton Boys' Club and served on the Executive Committee of the Staffordshire Association of Boys'
Clubs. He was a member of the Wolverhampton Round Table.
It will be seen, therefore, that when Mr. Millar entered the service of Dr. Barnardo's Homes he brought with him a wide and practical
knowledge of printing, and also a sympathy for young people and an earnest desire to be of service to them. Those who worked in
close association with him will agree that the qualities which marked him out were unfailing kindness, patience, and good humour.
During the past two years he has struggled against indifferent health and had need to be sustained by his sense of duty and life-long
habit of service. In addition to the duties of his office as Head of the Printing Department, Mr. Millar took a keen interest in most of
the boys' social and sporting activities. A great deal of his success was due to the fact that he was obviously a friend of the boys. One
of his most outstanding services to Goldings boys was the part he played in the establishment of the Printer Apprentice Scheme at the
School. There must be a great number of Old Boys who have reason to think of him with gratitude, as his work enabled them to enter
a career in the Printing Trade on a good footing. The printer boys benefited greatly from his influential position in the trade. He was a
member of the Hertfordshire Federation of Master Printers, serving some years as Honorary Secretary of this organization. He was
also one of the earliest members of the Association of Teachers of Printing and Allied Subjects, holding the office of Regional
Chairman for two years.
Together with The Reverend Aneurin Jones, Appeals Secretary, Mr. Millar worked hard to establish close links between
Dr. Barnardo's Homes and the Universities throughout Britain. Student groups have been encouraged to devote part of their
Rag-Week collections to Barnardo's, and in return the Press of Goldings has undertaken a large amount of work for them.
At the internment, which took place at the Enfield Crematorium on Monday, 4th January, many of Mr. Millar's friends were present
to pay their last respects. The following list will give some indication as to the extent of his popularity.
The Reverend B. L. Nixon, Chaplain to the School, officiated at this short but moving ceremony
Goldings Staff: Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Embleton, Mr. R. Stackwood, Mr. N. T. Powell, Mr. F. Stevenson,
Mr. L. G. Mondin, Mr. W. Purkis, Mr. R. Purkis, Mr. R. Fox, Mr. J. Taylor, Mr. J. James, Mr. K. R. Wood, Mr. P. Culver,
Mr. S. Whitbread, Mr. E. Brooks, Mr. F. Sheppard, Mr. H. W. Tempest, Mr. F. Tordoff, Mr. W. Broster, Mr. R. Nunn, Mr. H. de'Boeck.
Printing Apprentices: Messrs. W. Charlton, W. Norton, D. Lee, G. Rose, C. Sainsbury, V. Chan, L. Browning, R. Rowles, R. Roberts,
L. Coman, G. Parry, J. Foote, C. Berry, L. Carroll, K. Milsom, G. Turner, J. Pooley, M. Cousins.
Retired members of staff: Mr. J. Maslin, Mr. R. Randall and Mr. J. Mitchell. Also Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Maslin, and Mrs. Purkis were
also present.
Old Boys: Mr. A. Hoperoft, Mr. C. Fuller, Mr. G. Forster, Mr. D. Chalton, Mr. J. Gray, Mr. J. Smoker, Mr. D. Wright, Mr. D. Martin.
Stepney Staff: The Reverend F. Holmes, The Reverend A. Jones, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Cornish, Mr. and Mrs. Knight.
Business representatives: Mr. S. Gabriel and Mr. L. Waller, Messrs. Stephen Austin and Sons Ltd.; Mr. T. Knight and Mr. Wilson,
The Clock House Press; Mr. C. Abbiss, Messrs. A. E. Abbiss Ltd
On Sunday, 31st January, a memorial, service was held in the School Chapel, in place of the normal Sunday morning service. Once
again the esteem in which Mr. Millar was held was evident by the attendance of his many friends, approximately 150 were present,
as well as the whole school. The Chapel was full to capacity.
Two tributes were paid to Mr. Millar, one by Mr. Wheatley, who referred to the great work Mr. Millar had done for the School as a
whole, apart from his work as Master Printer, emphasizing the kindness he always showed to staff and boys alike. The Reverend
Aneurin Jones, Appeals Secretary from Headquarters, then spoke of his close contact and companionship, during their frequent trips
all over the country to the Universities, arranging for the printed work for 'Rags'. If anyone present had any doubts as to the wide
range of Mr. Millar's work, it must surely have been dispelled after listening to these tributes.
During these past weeks our thoughts and prayers have been with Mrs. Millar, whose grief is immeasurable, and however sincere our
tributes to Mr. Millar, they can in no way have lessened Mrs. Millar's burden, in fact the added publicity has no doubt increased the
strain. We all extend our heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Millar, and trust she will find new interests which will give her some comfort
whether she moves into her own family circle in Wolverhampton, or remains in this area with her many friends.

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