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Mr. L. Embleton N. D. H.


Readers of the Goldonian who are not already aware of our loss, will be deeply grieved to learn of the death of our Chief Matron,
Mrs. Embleton, in February of this year, after a long illness. She and her family first came to Goldings in October 1945, when Mr.
Embleton, now Deputy Headmaster, took up a teaching appointment as Head of the' Horticulture Department. In April 1952, she
accepted an honorary appointment at the Waterford Verney Hostel where she created and maintained over a number of years a real
home atmosphere for the printer apprentices. Many of them now young men well established in the trade, will have happy memories
of the many social evenings and dances she used to organize for the boys and girl friends. In September 1950, she was persuaded
to undertake the onerous duties of Chief Matron at Goldings.Those who only knew Mrs. Embleton during the last year or so, when
she was making valiant efforts to continue her manifold duties despite the weakening effect of her fatal illness, could not fully
appreciate the true quality of the impact she made on life and work at Goldings during the period in which she held this high office.
She combined meticulous care and conscientiousness in her duties with a happy and cheerful spirit. She always undertook the lion's
share of work in preparations for social events and was seldom absent from any evening organized for the entertainment of the boys.
She entered into the fun with obvious enjoyment.In these times, when it is difficultto find residential workers in sufficient numbers
to keep a home fully staffed, people in key positions often find themselves doing two person's work. For most of her time as Chief
Matron Mrs. Embleton was in the position of having to carry on without a Deputy to share the work. All those who knew the
circumstances appreciated how much extra strain this placed upon her. With her husband and family we mourn her passing and the
only comfort we can offer is the knowledge that she spent her life in a good cause and left us at an example of determination and
perseverance in necessary tasks in the face of all obstacles.
R F Wheatley
The Goldonian Summer 1966

Our new Headmaster
Our congratulations to Mr. L. Embleton on his appointment as successor to Mr R F Wheatley.It is a great pity that this appointment
will be for such a short period, and not an easy period at that, with the winding up of the School generally. It is bound to happen that
administration will become increasingly difficult with the steady exodus of staff, and the likelihood of stability in the number of boys
until July I am quite sure that Mr. Embleton can rely on the cooperation of those members of the staff who stick it out to the bitter end,
and that all boys will do their utmost to keep problems to a minimum during these last trying monthsIt is to be hoped that Mr. Embleton
will be successful in obtaining a comparable position when he finally hands over the keys of Goldings.
N T Powell
The Goldonian Spring 1967

Mr. Lawrence Embleton sadly died  in 1984, aged 74 years.

A budding lesson for budding gardeners 1948


In the Cricket Team 1950s 1st right at the front sitting on the bench

Mr and Mrs Wheatley with Mr Embleton at Mr Wheatleys Retirement

Gardening Department