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Mr. E. A. Patch


Joe Patch putting the Gym Team through their paces 1933

General News October 1931
Sunday, September 27th.
The Gym. team, in the very able hands of Mr. Patch, our Gym. Master, was the outstanding event at our Fete, held on August
Bank Holiday when, a grand sum of just over, 285 was realised for the homes

P. E. Instructor and General Subjects

We welcome as our new P.T. master Mr. Newbrooke in place "I Mr. Patch who has left us. We hope he will spend a very happy-life
with us. In conclusion we wish Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Wheatley and family, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Corbett and family, Mr. and Mrs. Offord,
Mr. Culver, Mr. Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Marriot, and all those connected with Goldings a very happy Easter.
House Captain,
Spring 1954

Mr. Patch, who was affectionately known as 'Joe' by staff and boys, was our P.T. teacher for twenty-three years, from 1930 until his
retirement in 1953. I do not think I shall be contradicted if I say that Mr. Patch is legendary, and will remain so for many more years
I am sure. Tales of yester-year invariably include some reference to one of 'Joe's' accomplishments, and I am sure there is no old boy
of the 1930-53 era who does not have some memory of that 'great little man'.
The funeral service was at Fareham, on Monday, iath February, and the School was represented by Mr. Culver.
Spring 1963