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Mr. F. Sheppard

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Head Teacher English

Summer 1962


I WISH I could tell you in detail of the many pleasant
hours I have spent idly wandering around with a sketch
book, making 'snapshot' sketches of details and shapes
which have interested me; none of them, of course, ever
to become great works of art, but personal records made
just for the fun of it.
How many of you have ever thought of doing the same
thing? No elaborate equipment is needed, just a sketch
book of any size and a pencil, no, leave your rubber at
home, what does it matter if a mistake is made, the
sketches are very personal and arc not done to please
On the following pages are reproductions of three pages
from my own sketch book, and if I explain how I set
about them it might help you to make a start.
The animals were quite docile, being exhibits in the
Rothschild Animal Museum, and with a wealth of
subjects around me I chose these specimens because they
make an interesting shape on paper. With an H.B. Pencil
I lightly sketched in the outline shapes finally adding a
minimum of detail which I felt to be most necessary. I
then went carefully over the drawings with a pen to give
the result you see.
The sketch of buildings at Ware was sketched very
quickly with a pen, and remember that although quick
sketches do not always have the same standard of finish
they are often more accurate. Next a minimum of shading
was put in to give the buildings solidity, and to indicate a
direction of light. Always resist the temptation to 'tidy up'
these quick sketches, as they always lose something if
you do.
Finally, the rather more finished drawing of some old
Hornbeam trees was begun by first putting in the main
outline shapes carefully, the dark spots were then added
and between these and the white paper the various tones
and details were gradually built up. Do not rush this type
of sketch and be in too much of a hurry to see a finished result; observe the subject carefully as you add each stage of your drawing.
If your first efforts are not too successful, don't worry, practice will make it easier and remember you are out with your sketch book
just for the fun of it.
W. H. Davies in his poem Leisure said
'What is this life if, full of care
We have no time to stand and stare.'

A true saying, but why not stare and with a pencil record what you see. Good luck!
F. S. S.

Many thanks to Mr Sheppard’s family for the photographs and information supplied on this page


JANUARY, 1959, saw the arrival of Mr. Sheppard to take over the duties of Art and General Subjects master, and before very
long we all appreciated that here we had a man who was prepared to spare no effort to bring about radical improvements, particularly
in the field of art.
In the summer of 1961 Mr. Sheppard was appointed Head of School with the retirement of Mr. G. H. White, and in this capacity has
been instrumental in the many changes which have taken place within the educational structure of the school.
Unfortunately at the end of August we shall be losing the valuable services of Mr. Sheppard when he moves down to North Devon
to take up the appointment as Head of the Further Education section of the County Secondary School at Braunton, as well as being
Art teacher at the Secondary School. On behalf of all members of the staff, as well as the boys, I wish Mr. Sheppard every success
and happiness in his new appointment, and thank both he and Mrs. Sheppard and Josephine for all they have done to enhance the
social atmosphere of the school, during their years with us.

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SHEPPARD, F. S. (Buxton). Cabinet-maker. School Prefect. Band.
House 1st XI Football and Cricket.
Goldonian January 1936

FURTHER results of the Boxing have now come to ' hand, and are given below.
Several evenings of enjoyable "fare" have been "served up" !
The final positions of the Houses are as follows: Buxton, 167 pts.; Kinnaird, 119 pts.;
Mount Stephen, 108 pts.; Cairns and Aberdeen (tic), 92 pts.; Somerset, 78 pts.; McCall, 52 pts.
Sheppard (Buxton) beat Ayres (Cairns).
Sheppard (Buxton) beat Copeman (Cairns).
Sanderson (Buxton) beat Sheppard (Buxton).
Goldonian April 1935

I was somewhat surprised to find out many years after leaving Goldings that our Headmaster
at the time was also a Goldings boy many years before me, and as you may read from stories
sent in by his children he felt this would go someway to return the help that was given to him
by Dr Barnardos.
As a pupil to him ,to me he was a mild mannered, engaging teacher who supported us in our
formative important years of Education, and to many the enjoyment of the Arts.
I cannot personally recall him resorting to the extreme punishment of the “cane” in instances
of misbehaviour, he dealt with it through the respect we all held for him.
He was well known for support he gave to us freely in activities out of the “School Block” as is
explained by his children
Mr Sheppard belated thanks “Goldings”

Wood carvings and 2 favourite family paintings by Mr Sheppard

Mr. F. Sheppard