Page Compiled March 2008

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Visiting Hertford I came across this Table it was made by the boys at Goldings in the Carpenters and Joiners Shop, and became the
property of the late Reg Purkiss. I was a Carpenter myself so I was particularly interested in it, I can remember making one exactly
like it when I was at the school, the feel and the smell was still there the same all those years ago. It was a Gate Legged table made
from Japanese Oak which was less prone to splitting unlike English Oak. The edges were planed straight and square, and each panel
was joined together with dowels , using horses hooves glue boiled up on a heater. It was then planed straight and flat, to be finally
smoothed ready for Waxing using a steel scraper to smooth any blemish’s. We then spent days rubbing in coats of “Bees Wax” until
it became sealed. It then was inspected by our instructor, and finally inspected by Mr Tempest (Head Tutor) before it was allowed
to leave the shop.

On my most recent visited to Goldings I was told of another interesting fact that
I was unaware of by one of the more senior residents. Displayed was the other
“Lodge” that occupied the Goldings Estate, Waterford Lodge. This was
Probably intended to be used when the main road from Waterford to Hertford
was along this lane and came close to the Mansion . This I assume was no longer
required once the new road was built (North Road) by Abel -Smith at his expense.
If you look closely at the brickwork you can see the Herring Bone pattern ,which is the same used at Goldings. A new lodge was
sited on the North Road, which was to include a new Entrance to the grounds, possibly making this Lodge redundant, which now is
a private residence and no longer part of the Goldings Estate

The Goldings Lodge in Waterford

Does anyone remember seeing this building?
Here’s a clue it’s situated in Bengeo, I had forgot it but
as soon as I saw the picture I remembered seeing it, not
that I knew what it was at the time. It replaced the building
that can be seen circled in the background, and the local
community really felt the older building should not have
been demolished And should have been put to some use,
or maybe turned into a really interesting house.