Mike Jarvis

I assure you all that you will never meet anybody that is like my dad. Everybody knew him.
He was the man who was happy and never sad.
Everyday he had the same regime which he did endeavour.
Like James Dean and Elvis - a legend my dad will be always and forever.
Dad's humour was excellent although the punch line of jokes he would always miss.
When bewildered children looked at his stump he'd say "you carry on biting your nails and you
will have this".
Life in Banardos, pushing the wheelbarrow, cycling to Scotland are all stories he would tell.
There was the hotel window four stories up where out of it without a scratch he fell.
Jarvo, The One Armed Bandit, Micky Mouse are names he liked to be called.
if given the chance with his strong dictatorship this land he would have ruled.
Other main characteristics are that he loved all children. Dad also adored a good banter.
He will be fondly remembered for visiting the young and old dressed as Santa.
This family man was a ball boy at Wimbledon as I am sure you heard the tale.
You would always find him in his D.I.Y. shop or on his stool 'with his left handed jug without fail.
His famous sayings were: Leave It there, a.b.c, 1.2.3, and I turned around, stop guessing,
because I hate lies.
I am going to miss my wonderful dad, but now he is at peace and way up there in the skies.
My. dad was mentally the strongest fighter as I am sure you will agree.
In hospital with great strength he fought, to stay on this earth for us to see.
However. God called him and now was the time to go up to the sky.
Dad of course would not go easily only on his terms would he be saying goodbye.
I have always been very close to my lovely father and now life to me seems such a muddle.
I would give anything to listen to his stories and give him a peck on the cheek and a great big
I can feel his soul with us here in this church he's looking down from above.
Don't worry dad we will look after mum and like you always did shower her with plenty of love.

By your daughter Michelle, the Tilly Girl of Upminster

Best dad in the world


My wonderful Grandad,
Was the best,
He has gone to heaven.
To have a long rest!
He was kind and caring,
Generous and sharing.
He was always very happy.
Quite a jolly chappy.
He thought he was funny,
But no-one laughed at his jokes,
He had a lot of friends,
Which were mainlv old blokes!!
He was only 69,
Never ever mean,
He wasn't that old,
But I still called him "old bean"
Nanny would always help him.
When he was sick or ill.
He had a shop called Jarvo's,
And 1 would sometimes work on the till!
We will never stop loving him,
Even though we will be apart.
In the beginning of his next life,
We hope he has a good start!
This poem was written.
By his 12 year-old grand-daughter Rose,

We will try to respect this decision.
Because this is what God chose!
I will love you forever,
There will always be a place for you in my heart.
I'm just so very sorry, that we are now apart!
Will love you forever Grandad
Lots of love From
Your Eldest Grand-daughter

Roseanna XxXxxXxxX

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