This was a copy of the last known badge
the school used from 1965 until 1967
when it closed, which also saw a
name change to “William Baker School”

Page Compiled April 2008

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Note the absence of the depiction of the trades on this
badge due to the removal of the term “Technical” at the
request of Mr Wheatley to Barnardo’s mid 1965, as he
hoped before his impending retirement to make it be more
of a school. (as told to me by David Wheatley, his son) as
I had left early 1965 and wasn’t there when the change
took place. Trades did still continue at the school but they
were now referred to as handi-crafts until it closed in 1967.
The only trade that continued after 1967 was the Printers,
who were to finally leave the school grounds, and move
to Mead Lane Hertford in the 70’s but this also ceased a
few years later, so finally ending the “Goldings” story.

1930’s note no badge on the blazer pocket

1960’s a badge on top pocket

The School Badge

From the early beginning’s a “School Badge” was developed for use mainly in the early days to be printed on the new school
Magazine “The Goldonian” Throughout the majority of main years of the school it depicted the trades taught at the school.
From the twenties up until the late forties it displayed a “leather hide” for Boot-making, a “book” indicating Printing, a sheaf
of wheat for Gardening, and a hammer and we think a soldering iron which was intended to cover the remaining trades of Carpentry
and Joinery, Tinsmiths ,Engineering, Fretwork, and Wheelwrights.

A sports page reproduced from
“The Goldonian” which also
included the School Badge
from the period.

This badge altered and changed throughout the years but basically remained the same depicting the trades taught at
the school and the Latin motto
“Finis Coronat Opus” which in English loosely translated read “The end crowns the work”
A very suitable motto when you consider the type of trade taught, and the standard we were expected to reach.
Below are copies of our School “Badge” and the small changes made?

On April 1st 1945 ,there was a dramatic change made to the school curriculum made by Mr Wheatley, the new school Headmaster
who now replaced the post of “ Governor” the old title of head of the school. He approached his task with much improved idea’s
as to how the school was to move forward in his “watch” I would now like to quote his son David.
My father,s impressions on taking over school were it resembles a “Borstal” and this he was to change as quickly as possible subject
to shortages of war. One of the early changes he made was to introduce a “School Blazer” of green with grey flannel trousers, and
sown into the top pocket was the “New School” badge as designed by himself (as told to me by David, who apparently still has the
original drawing) as shown below. The new badge still reflected the trades, but the trades were changed to the modern day
requirements. Gone were the Tinsmiths, to be replaced by “Sheet Metal Work” also Wheelwrights, Engineering, and Fretwork, to
now have trades which were more in demand, and more suitable for the intake of boys that now entered the school.


The Honours Badge

An original Goldings Honours Badge donated to the Reunion memorabilia by Pop Steele

Quote from Pop Steele at the Reunion

“To achieve your Honours Badge (your colours) you had to be recommended by a member of Staff”