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First Floor
As I remember it in the sixties the room numbers
21-22 were Somerset House parents (Mr and Mrs Goodman) Quarters,
23-24 were Somerset Dorms and 25-26 was Somerset Sitting Room,
29 was Somerset bathroom!
All of these are on the first floor but I have been told by Bobby Mac that Somerset was situated on two levels,
and Aberdeen was to the left of us while MacAndrew was over the Archway from us.
Cairns was above on the second floor with Pelham to the left of them.



For MacAndrew wing I can only name Mr Embletons Quarters
they were right hand bottom corner as you look at the plan numbers 8-9-10-11.
Peter Drummond tells me number 15 was bathrooms there was also a prefects room and a sitting room he canít
recall where.

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