Brian Cunningham 2008-2009

Brian at the Ramsey Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday 2008 - 09

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The gentleman standing with Brian in all
photographs is the Captain of the ship that
sank The Belgrano in the Argentine Conflict

Brian also helps organise a forties weekend at R.A.F. Upwood Ramsey, proceeds are sent to Barnardo’s and another charity of choice

The next Ramsey's 1940 s Weekend will be held at R.A.F. Upwood
on the 21st and 22nd of August 2010,
for more information amd photos go to the 1940 s weekend website

R.A.F. Upwood

Brian has a passion for classic/ vintage cars and below is his pride and joy second to Chris of course!!

Brian Cunningham and his friend are doing on the 9-10 of June the London to
Brighton run in vintage cars.
(Brian's is a Austin 7 nicknamed by him Chummy Bum) in aid of Barnardo's with
all donations going to them. Well done Brian.
Brian Cunningham rang me last night to tell me he has completed the London to
Brighton Veterans Car Owners Club run, and all his donations will go to Barnardo's,
and he arrived LAST. But enjoyed every second of it.

The News clipping below explains it all

1927 Austin 7 (Chummy)

Below photographs of Brian and friends on other charity runs

The festival of
motoring Jersey

The Lands End Run 2007