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Page Compiled October 2017

Reunion Photos 2017

Couple of photos taken from Facebook

In the Griffen Pub, you might guess !

Tom Allen, Terry Burgar, Robert Jordan,
Mike Smith Kerr and John Brown

Joe Law with his son Richard

Terry Andrews

Assorted evening photos

Assorted Daytime Photoís

Billy Hill, Bobby Mac,
Richard Law, Joe Law,
Tommy Hill and
Jimmy Street

Billy Hill, Sammy Hill,
Richard Law, Joe Law,
Tommy Hill and
Jimmy Street

The beginning of the weekend

Joe Law, Tommy Hill, Bobby Mac, and
Jimmy Street (60ís)

To the right Joe Law with his son.

Joan Embleton, who traveled down from Wales
Daughter of Mr Embleton.

Joan James, wife of Jimmy ,former Old Boy
And later Print Tutor with Scoffer Howitt

Kemal Ali on his first visit with Grandaughter
And Daughter

Ike Aviston

To the right, Henry Peet

Geoffrey Kingsnorth, his first re-union
and David Swinger (50ís)

Mike-Smith Kerr with Henry Peet (50ís)

Come back ďSkipĒ to get this lot in line.

Gordon Rath (50ís-60ís) Dave Blower (60ís)

L-R Tommy Hill, Bobby Mac, Bob Angell, Jean Clark,
Dave Blower and Tony Angell

Dennis King (50ís-60ís) and David Swinger (40ís)

James Perrier (Brianís son) and Dave Clark!
No, not the one out of the Group!!

Henry Peet

John Gibbs in the background Bill Harris

Loading up and cleaning up the Bench, Dave and Peter Drummond

The Church Service at Waterford

Ellen Perrier

Revd Jenny Gray

To the left is a full group photo to the right is the 60ís old boys

David Wheatley delivering his address

Arthur Ebbage, Terry Bergar

Pop Steele, Henry Peet in the background

Henry Johnstone

Kemal Ali, Derek Normans son
and daughter in law

Peter Knight, Ike Aviston

Len Mott, Ike and Jerry davis just behind

Noel Mairs, Ike and Peter Knight

Bob Pegg

Noel Joan Embleton,John Brown
Bob Angel and Bill Harris

Bob Pegg

Noel Mairs, Ike Aviston, Joan Embleton

Tod Hird, Bob Pegg, Bob Winn