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Page Compiled September 2011

Email received from Bob Pegg
Hi Dave,
Goldings Old Boys who were there in the 50's should remember Dorothy - she nursed cuts and bruises in Sick Bay for many years.
Recently I attended her Thanksgiving Service in Cumbria, where she spent the last years of her life.
Attached is the Tribute I delivered in church on that day.
Regards - Robert Pegg (1949-56)


The Tribute Robert is below

When Jeannette asked me to say a few words about her mother at this gathering, I hesitated.

How could I put into words my gratitude for the love and support she gave me and Barnardo Boys like me.

I am very proud to represent those many boys who benefited from knowing Dorothy, and being welcomed
into her life.

Barnardos is a wonderful institution that can only cater for a child’s basic needs, but Dorothy and Keith
gave us the opportunity to experience the intimacy of family life, which of course we lacked.

The Barnardos Home in Hertford, called Goldings, was home to over 200 teenage boys. As a qualified
nurse Dorothy worked in the Sick Bay, caring for the boy’s wounds and giving them TLC when required.

I am proud of the fact that by meeting me Dorothy was introduced to Goldings and it’s many activities.

Watching us perform as Wimbledon Ball-Boys I know gave her much pleasure.

In my case the value of Dorothy’s friendship extended throughout my life. My work took me abroad
frequently so holidays had to be arranged in haste. A call to Dorothy and Keith and the Pegg family would
always be welcomed to their Hayton home.

Trecks across the Trods, walks through the Gelt Woods and around Talkin Tarn were the highlights.
As well as the odd round of golf at Brampton.

In later years Pam and I would stay near Talkin to visit Dorothy and meet the many friends she had made
in Hayton.

My life has been enhanced by knowing ‘Auntie Dot’ - within my family she will never be forgotten.