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Gift of a New Printing Machine
A SIMPLE and pleasant ceremony marked the handing over of a new Heidelberg Automatic Platen to the Printing Department.
Mr. E. T, Maddox, Chairman of the Heidelberg Printing Machine Co., Ltd., who was accompanied by Mr. T. F. Ross, Managing
Director, Mr. T. D. Curtis, Public Relations Officer, and Mr. W. A. Myles, District Representative, told the boys and staff, who
were gathered in the Platen Room, that the Company had decided to mark the occasion of the 10,000th installation of
these machines in Great Britain by giving it to the School. Mr. Maddox said how pleased he and his directors were to know that the
boys of Goldings would have a Heidelberg Platen for use at the School.
Our Headmaster, Mr. R. F. Wheatley, B.SC., thanked Mr. Maddox on behalf of the Council of the Homes, and added his own
appreciation, both as Headmaster and personally.
Mr. W. H. S. Millar, Head of the Printing Department, added the thanks and appreciation of all members of the Printing Department,
and handed over to Mr. Maddox and Mr. Ross one or two specimens of printing which had already been produced on the new machine.