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Bushel, Roung, Allen, Clough, Stoursh (Solo) Liong ,Bromston, Revuelta, Stewart (Drums), Kinnard,
Wallbridge (Bass), Littlefield, Mr. Embleton, Williams, Lawrence (Bass), Burford (Horn)),
Hodges (Baritone), Wraighter (Euphonium), Pryor (G. Tenor), Cram (2’Tenor), Broom 1’Tenor).

Goldings 1946

Goldings Brass Band, Mr Embleton is the Conductor

Mr Embleton arrived at Goldings in 1945 from Herts Training Approved School and became Head Gardener
at Goldings, and later in 1966 became Headmaster of the School before it closed in July 1967.
As dictated by Dr Barnardo,s against the wishes of the Staff, who led a delegation to Head Office,
in protest, but were ignored !!

It is a scene taken in the Gym