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Hello my name is Ian Keates my name when at Goldings was Horrell. I think I was there in 1963/4, my house parents
were a married couple, he used to run a model railway club and my no- when I joined was 118. I was always in some sort
of trouble I remember two brothers who were in my house nickname Dino, I was a Buglar in the band, and learning to be
a carpenter, I never finished my trade as I left the school, I think it was because of my latest prank we had new house parents
and I think I just wanted to test the boundary, so I and I think it was a bought six of us ran away it did not go down well.
I am a very well and upstanding citizen now and would love to get in touch with any one who may have known or new of
this great escape one great friend of mine was Gary mason he was carpenter I also new big Geoff Boulter many thanks Ian Keates.

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Hi Dave sorry I missed your call I am glad that you found out the house I
was in it was a long time ago hard to remember age thing. I recognised
Roy mason name George Markham he was in the drums with me I came
just after they got there also I remember a guy called Barry foot, I met
him just before I joined the army in 1967 I served 15 years and got injured
in the Falklands, came back and was finished had good pay reward but
would of liked to have finished my 22 years.I then got better and fit again
and became a police dog handler I retired two years ago had many good
times. I now have a new job I look after people with mild to severe learning
problems, I have been doing this for two years and its very rewarding and
I am also married have two sons one has learning problems also one grandson, there that's me I never took up a trade but I will always
remember things that pop said and skip it helped make three good careers and kept me out of trouble there that's a short profile of me.
Ian k

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Ian keats 1975 D Squadron 16 troop at Mirbat Oman

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