Below twelve of Goldings Old Boys that were once Ball Boys at Wimbledon

Above photo shows former Ball Boys from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
L-R back row
Chris Cahrimanus, 1 of the Rose brothers, Joe Law, 2nd Rose brother
and Winnie Norton.
L-R front row
Tommy Hill, Jimmy Street, Billy Hill, Sammy Hill,
Micky Hindle, and 2 Old Boys from the forties names not known as yet.

Tommy, Billy, Winnie and Sammy.

Tommy Hill remembers.

Glyn Parry, second from the left meets Royalty early 60’s

Wimbledon Revisited 2016

Sammy Hill

Goldings supplied the Wimbledon Ball Boys from 1946 to 1966, and were considered the finest Ball
Boys in the world, and at one stage in the 60’s the Americans invited them as Ball Boys to the States,
but Mr Wheatley (the Headmaster at Goldings 1945-66) declined the offer as he felt that this would be
unfair to the remainder of the boys who would remain at the School.
The School housed around two hundred boys and only about sixty went to Wimbledon.

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National News Articles on Wimbledon Ball Boys

“Wow this new generation of ballgirls / boys are
pretty awesome and it was a real pleasures to be
given the opportunity to watch them practice”
Sammy Hill

Being filmed

Tommy Hill (arms folded) Jimmy Street, and Billy Hill

They finally allowed their brother Sammy into the photo.

All the Ball Boys assembled behind the nets at Goldings Grass Court Year ? Unknown to date

“It was an honour to represent Goldings Boys” Tommy Hill

Back at Wimbledon but this time as a Spectator