Spring 1963

The Goldonian


BROWN, JAMES : from Garden City, Woodford.
OLBISON, PETER: from Shotley Park; DAGLISH, RICHARD: from Norwich; HILL, THOMAS: from Shotley Park;
SMITH, BRIAN: from Glasclune; HENDRY, ROBERT: from Glasclune; HICKS, WILLIAM: from Balcary.
NAYLOR, CLIFFORD : from Blackpool; ROOPE, JAMES : Bradford.
LOVEDAY, CHARLES: from Norwich; GRAHAM, DAVID: from Hertfordshire; HARRINGTON, PHILIP: from Hertfordshire;
PIERCE, PAUL: from East Sussex; DUNSFORD, WILLIAM: from Hertfordshire.
ROSS, MICHAEL: from Blackpool; IRELAND, NORMAN: from Glasclune; COUSINS, MICHAEL: from Hertfordshire;
BENTLEY, DAVID: from Stockport; BLOWER, DAVID : from Walsall.

DALE, ALEC: January, 1959 to February, 1962. Colours for Football and Cricket. Situation as carpenter-apprentice.
PURDY, RALPH: April, 1959 to December, 1961. Situation as Painter and Decorator apprentice.
KING, BARRY: December, 1960 to March, 1962. Restored.
CHURCHILL, MICHAEL: January, 1959 to January, 1962. Situation as carpenter-apprentice.
HUNT, MICHAEL: September, 1960 to February, 1962. Situation
BODEN, KEITH: September, 1959 to December, 1961. Situation as carpenter-apprentice.
McGHIE, DAVID : June, 1961 to February, 1962. Restored. SMITH, PAUL: August, 1960 to January, 1962. Situation.
BRACKEN, SIDNEY: April, 1958 to December, 1961. Prefect 1961. Situation.
LOGAN, ALAN: April, 1959 to December, 1961. Situation as Bootmaker in Scotland.
TIMMINS, JOHN : August, 1960 to March, 1962. Restored.

New Admissions during Winter Term 1962

Boys Left During Winter Term 1962


Housemaster: Mr. C. Steele
House Captain: Douglas Thompson
Colours: Black and White
WE ARE coming to the end of what seems to me a very short term, therefore the news too seems to be a bit short. The only boy who left us
during the term was our House Captain, Alec Dale. Alec did a very good job as House Captain and was an outstanding figure on the sports
field, all games seemed to come alike to him. We wish him every success in his job and future life in Liverpool.
His successor, Douglas Thompson, has just been appointed and is doing his job well. Douglas is following in his brother's footsteps.
Albert Thompson was Aberdeen's first House Captain when the House system was reorganized. One new boy joined our family during the
term, Jimmy Brown from Barkingside. We hope he will settle down well and take all the opportunities offered at Goldings.
Since the Queens' cup was instituted Aberdeen have been runners-up each time to Pelham, last term there was only one point difference.
This time, however, we are determined to have this cup.
At the moment we are in first position, leading Pelham by fifteen points, but there are so many different ways in which points can be obtained
that in the space of a week we could be fifteen points behind! I think that this is the reason why the Queens' Cup is so coveted. The Cup cannot
be won by a house whose sole strength is on the sports field. To win this trophy a house must be consistent in all things. Although we have nine
cups already in our sitting room I feel sure we could make room for this one. Looking through the list of boys who have collected merit points,
it is pleasing to see that almost every member of the House has contributed in some way.
We did very well again at sport this term. Our senior team won the Inter-House Boxing, an event which almost always has gone to Somerset.
The Inter-House Table Tennis Competitions were re-introduced after an absence of a few years and Aberdeen excelled themselves in these
competitions winning both senior and junior cups. Both teams were unbeaten in their respective events. In football this term both senior and
junior teams were unbeaten but these games do not count towards the Football cup. This cup will be decided by a knockout competition
sometime before term's end.
The cross-country race has not been run yet and as we did so well last year I have high hopes of a repeat performance. Several Aberdeen boys
represented the Army Cadet Force in their annual cross-country race and helped to bring both senior and junior cups back to Goldings. Douglas
Thompson was second in the junior event but as this is a team event all boys must be congratulated.
John Bassett and Douglas Thompson who always did so well at school when they were juniors have passed their 'A' Certificates in
schoolwork with very high marks and Eric Magellan was awarded his 'B' Certificate. John Bassett, Malcolm Clewer, and Leonard Carroll have
recently sat the R.S.A. examination but results are not yet through; we are keeping our fingers crossed for them. Michael Hindle has been
awarded his second class certificate for gymnastics, this is a very high award and as he is still a junior we expect a first class will come his way
before he leaves. Only two boys have ever been awarded a first class, so this is indeed a fine achievement. John Lau is off to Belgium during
Easter to represent the County Army Cadet Force at football.
Finally on behalf of the House I should like to wish the Headmaster and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Embleton, and all the Staff a very happy
Easter, and to the boys whether you are going on 'home leave' or staying here, make the most of your holiday.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Ellis
House Captain: Billy Hoy
Group Readers: Glyn Parry and George Hill
Colours: Blue and White
We end this term with very little success but with the new term coming up we hope to see more boys trying to help Cairns to come to the top.
Congratulations to G. Parry and W. Collinson in obtaining their 'A' certificate at school, and good luck to W. Wildman, A. Wright, and
W. Collinson who have just sat their R.S.A. examination.
Since writing our last notes four of our boys have left us, Ralph Purdy, Keith Dryland, Keith Elkins, and Barry King—we wish them the very
best of luck for their future.
We welcome six new boys to the house: B. Smith, W. Hicks, P. Olbison, R. Hendry, R. Daglish, and T. Hill. (Tommy Hill is the youngest
member of the Hill brothers, we now have four, the senior brother George has this term been promoted to group leader, let us hope the other
brothers follow in George's footsteps.) One of the new boys, W. Hicks, must be congratulated on the way he looks after the Cairns-Aberdeen
toilets. Good work Billy! keep it up!
This term has meant promotion for one of our group leaders, namely Billy Hoy. He has risen in the ranks from group leader to House Captain,
a little more responsibility perhaps but also a little extra money in his pocket each week; let us hope he is as good a House Captain as he is a
Glyn Parry, another good sportsman, has been made a group leader this term and is very proud of the fact that his dormitory has been top
dormitory for Cairns more often than any other.
One of our greatest successes this term was the gaining by Dennis Priest of his first class certificate for gymnastics. This feat has only been
equalled once in the history of the School. A very good show Dennis, we are all proud of you.
BOXING : For the third year running Glyn Parry won the Boxer of the Year Trophy. Well done, Glyn!
We were very pleased to see our juniors win the Junior Boxing Trophy, the boys in the team were: A. Wright, B. Hill, T. Hill, W. Hicks,
R. Hendry, T. Stevens, J. Perry, and W. Wildman.
FOOTBALL : These senior boys are in the school football team: W. Hoy, J. Mason, G. Parry; let's hope we have a few more by next season.
TABLE-TENNIS: Congratulations to Aberdeen for winning both senior and junior cups, you certainly had a good team, but I think
Cairns with its up and coming talent will make a good show
next year. . .
CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING: Cairns boys played their part in helping to win both the senior and junior Cadet Cross Country Cups, the
boys who took part were G. Parry, W. Hoy, W. Collinson, J. Perry, and T. Stevens.
The Easter holidays will soon be here. Quite a number of the boys are looking forward to going on leave. Let us hope the weather is a little
warmer so that not only those on leave but also the boys staying behind can get out into the sunshine and enjoy themselves.
A Happy Easter to Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Embleton, the staff, and all the boys.
R. W. E. AND P. M. E.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Moore
House Captain: Fred Carman
Group Leaders: Michael Beare and Reginald Jordan
Colours: Red and Yellow
It does not seem long since the winter edition of THE GOLDONIAN was published but the printers are waiting for news once again, so we
will get down to the job and give them some work to do.
Since the last article we have said goodbye to Michael Church-hill and Michael Hunt—we wish them both the best of luck and success in their
During this period we have also welcomed four new arrivals, namely, Douglas and Willie Redpath from bonny Scotland and Clifford Naylor
from Blackpool; they are all pleasant little chaps and seem to have settled down very well, especially little Willie who is always smiling.
Then much more recently we have had the addition of Jeffrey Roope from Bradford and we are hoping he will settle down in the same way.
This term has seen Freddy Carman appointed House Captain and Mike Beare as Group Leader and a grand job they have done between them.
On the sports side, we have played several inter-house football games, won some and lost some, as it goes.
Quite a few of our boys entered for the Inter-House Boxing Competition; although we did not dominate, we would like to thank the boys who
had the courage to have a go, they put up a good show.
Fred Carman and Barry Antonio both tried their luck in the Cadet cross country race and though not winning having a good try and of course
earning some valuable house points with their efforts.
Mention must be made of Wilbert Workman, a good all round sportsman earning points with his table-tennis and in company with Gordon
Rath and Peter Gregory, at football.
On the Cadet side, we were pleased to see Neville Fletcher obtain his Drumming Certificate—this should now do away with the necessity of
practising on radiators, etc.; (eh, Neville?).
Also good luck to Steven Furnise, in his new role of Drum-Major; you are making a good job of it Steven, keep it up. Finally and in conclusion,
we wish to congratulate R. Roberts and Wilbert Workman on obtaining their Class B Certificate in Maths and English, further advancement in
this field will certainly enhance your future. - We wish all boys and members of staff a happy Easter holiday.
K. H. M. AND L. M.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. J. Jones
House Captain: Raymond Ram
Group Leaders: D. Pike, E. Budd, P. Hundleby, J. Sparks
It is my pleasure to write the House Notes for Pelham this term. We have quite a number of events this term so we have quite a lot to write
Not many weeks ago we had a visit from Harold Holberry, he told us he is at college and doing quite well.
We were sorry to say goodbye to Keith Boden and Paul Smith, but we would like to welcome P. Harrington, W. Dunsford, and D. Graham.
We would also like to say we are sorry to say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Ludbrook and Kim their poodle.
We did not have much success in the football but nevertheless we all enjoyed it to the utmost. While we are on the subject of sport I would like
to take this opportunity of thanking Mr. Steele for organizing the table tennis tournament.
Teddy Budd took his R.S.A. Examination at Scott House and everybody in Pelham would like to wish him the very best of luck and we hope
he passes with flying colours.
We were sorry to say goodbye to Richard Rowles as he is now at the Verney. I have just been told to take this opportunity of thanking Richard
for the service he rendered to Pelham by insisting on keeping the bathroom 'spic and span'. Thanks Dickie!

Houseparents: Mrs. F. Darton, Mr. A. Culver
House Captain: Robert Cox Group Leaders: Leslie Dawkins, David Poole, Roger Furley
Colours: Yellow and Black
It is my pleasure to write our notes for this issue of THE GOLDQNIAN.
I would first of all like to welcome the following boys to our House , Roger Furley, who was transferred from Cairns, and as you see is already
a group leader, also David Bentley, Michael Cousins, and David Blower.
I am glad to say our sportsmen are on top with Colin Bishop coming first in the Cadet cross-country. We still have four boys in the School
football team, namely Les. Dawkins, Jim Kennedy, Colin Bishop, and Bill Hewitt. Well done lads! We have done very well in the Inter-House
Table Tennis Competition, the seniors and juniors both coming second in their groups. We came second in both the junior and senior Boxing
Cup Competition, losing both by only one point.
I have been House Captain since Sidney Bracken left us at Christmas, and I must thank the three group leaders who> have helped me so much.
We are at last making some progress with dormitory inspection and occasionally receive mention in assembly, but we do quite well in school
and workshop.
I should like to congratulate David Page for keeping our sitting room in such good shape, also John Foote for the improvement in the
bathroom. Jim Kennedy and Colin Bishop too are doing great work with the improvements in the toilets. We could soon be 'top house' if
everyone pulled their weight.
David Page and Les. Dawkins have both received their Drumming Certificates. All these achievements help the House!
R. Cox

FAREWELLS, GREETINGS, and social functions seem to have been our principal activities this term.
Once again Clive Lewis left us for 'digs', and once again David Lee has joined us owing to the fact that his landlady is moving. Arthur Knight
and David Hilton have left us and gone into lodgings. I hope they enjoyed their stay with us, we wish them well. We have been joined
by Leslie Browning and Richard Rowles who we hope will settle in and enjoy their stay.
We began the year with our New Year party which seemingly was enjoyed by our guests—it was made the more enjoyable by the refreshments
which were prepared by Mesdames Newton, Kemp, and Ephgraves, who were assisted by the wives of staff who always help us out. Thank
you ladies!
Over the past year the link between our chaps and the young ladies of Balls Park Training College has become so strong that they seern
almost members of the family. Every Tuesday evening we have some fourteen ladies at our dancing class and every Friday some fourteen of
our lads go to Balls Park dancing class; if nothing else develops from this relationship at least the dancing should imorove!
Our chaps played a prominent part in the College Rag even to supplying the mascot, we are thick indeed. So much have our chaps been
entertained at Balls Park that they requested the Headmaster's permission to run a dance in the gymnasium on Saturday, 10th March. The dance
took place and what a wonderful evening it turned out to be. A charge was made to cover refreshments and the purchase of decorations, ninety
people turned up and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to the boys for their enterprise and hard work in preparing and
transforming the gym. A special thanks again to the wives of staff who assisted with refreshments and supplied such wonderful 'home cooking'.
R. N.
I would like as one of the guests who attended both the Christmas Party and the dance, to publicly applaud this wonderful family spirit that
exists at the Verney. With Mr. and Mrs. Newton at the helm, with Mrs. Kemp and Mrs. Ephgrave hacking them up to the hilt, they have
steered these fourteen apprentices (and of course many 'fourteens' before), quietly and unobtrusively into the right sort of company, and I
would say no bunch of teenagers have ever enjoyed being 'steered' more.
No praise is too high for the young ladies from Balls Park who have co-operated so whole-heartedly in this 'merger', and who have probably
'brought our boys out' easier than any of us 'wise old fathers' could have done. I am quite sure some of us 'old uns' would like to turn the clock
back to have the opportunity of being 'brought out' in a similar manner! Oh to have been a mascot, or even a lucky charm!

Wrote to us in January and also spent a week-end at the School. Bob is doing very well in his work as a carpenter, and
sent along some of his plan work so that our boys can see what is expected of them when they attend evening classes. Unfortunately Bob is
still having trouble with one knee, on which he had a cartilage operation a year ago. We trust it will soon clear up Bob! Present address: 10a
Greenlea Grove, Brockhurst, Gosport Hants.
BISHOP, GRAHAM: Spent a few days of his leave with us at the beginning of January. Graham is in the Grenadier Guards, and after a spell
in Germany is now on public duties in London. Present address: '23862842, Guardsman Bishop, G., Inkerman Coy., 2nd Bn. Grenadier
Guards, Caterham, Surrey.
CANN, ANTHONY : Mr. de' Boeck had an interesting letter from Tony, who is working for an engineering firm in Melksham, and although
he cannot get day release, is hoping to attend evening classes and take his G.C.E. in three subjects, and then go on for his City and Guilds in
engineering. Tony is in touch with his brother Arthur who is doing well as a carpenter in Torquay. Apart from his work and studies, Tony has
also entered into social life very well and belongs to an Old Tyme Dancing Club where he has been made very welcome especially by one
young lady! Tony's present address: i Riverside Drive, Melksham, Wilts.
DEANE, JAMES : Spent his Christmas leave with us, and when not on leave is studying hard in the R.A.F. to become an Instrument Mechanic.
This means a lot of hard work and extra study, and as everyone finds out sooner or later, nothing worth while can be achieved without personal
effort. Good luck Jim! Present address: 229, A.c.2 J. Deane, Hut X42, 1 squad, R.A.F., Melksham, Wilts.
EVANS, ALAN: Had a letter from Alan in which he said he had settled down nicely in his job, and was enjoying himself very well with Albert
Thompson. Present address: 92 Croften Park Road, Brockley, London, S.E.4.
GRAHAM, THOMAS : Wrote in November, and was then contemplating joining the army. Just before going to press Tom called in, wearing
the tartan of the Gordon Highlanders, so he is 'in'. Has completed his training and awaiting a posting to Kenya. Present address: 23871768,
Pte. Graham, T. K., Queen's Own and Gordon Highlanders, Fort George, Inverness-shire.
HARRISON, LESLIE:, Received a letter from Leslie's mother in January, and she says that Les has settled down to work very well,
although he has a long day, leaving home at 6.30 a.m. to travel 9 miles to work, and gets home at 7 p.m. in the evening. Present address: 28
New Inn Cottage, Heckfield, Basingstoke, Hants.
PURDY, RALPH : Another one of the Painting and Decorating boys,
who is hoping to carry on with his trade, and seems to have made a good start in Bognor. Present address: 20 Culver Road,
Felpham, Bognor.
RICHARDSON, FREDERICK : Spent his Christmas holiday with us, and according to his letter of appreciation enjoyed himself very well.
Present address: 7 Inman Road, Earlsfield, London, S.W.18.
SMITH, PAUL : Left us to return to his native Scotland in January, and according to his two letters has settled down very well, and is most
appreciative of the advice and help received during his stay with us. He has been fortunate in the fact that he has managed to get a job as a
machine minder in a printing works in Edinburgh. Present address: c/o Mrs. W. A. J. Oddie, 49 Broomhouse Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, 12.
SMITH, IVAN: Spent a week's leave with us before Christmas, and appears to be doing very well in the Parachute Regiment, and has
completed eight descents from 1,000 feet. Although we have not heard direct, Ivan's twin brother Ronald is in the same Regiment his
army number being one on from Ivan's. Present address: Pte. I. R. Smith, 23882653, 231 Platoon, Parachute Regiment, A.B. Forces, Maida
Barracks, Aldershot.
THOMSON, ALFRED : Spent the New Year with us and once more an Old Boy enjoyed his return visit very much. Present address:
c/o Mrs. Webb, Cross Trees, Filkins, Nr. Lechlade, Glos.
WINTER, JOHN : This Old Boy of the 1937 era had read our winter edition of THE GOLDONIAN and that prompted him to write to us.
John was in the Bootmaking Department, and I assume from his letter he is still in the trade, although he writes more about his work as Youth
Club Leader, a job he has been doing for fifteen years. Nice to hear from you John, and maybe you will come and see us one day!
Present address: 15 Market Place, Middleton-on-Teesdale, Co. Durham


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