Dear Dave and family and helpers,

What a wonderful afternoon and evening you laid on for us Old Boys, along with family and friends. Every year, you come
up with something new, whether it be memorabilia, stories, something that an Old Boy made and given to you by his family,
it's just incredible. Without the work that you put in on our behalf, I wonder where our Reunion would go. I'm sure that
every Old Boy that attends the Reunion cannot thank you enough. You do a magnificent job on our behalf and I can assure
you Dave, it's appreciated by all of us.

I'm sure that if that silver bugle is around, one day you are going to get it. By then we will be that old, none of us will be
able to play it but it will be a good talking point. I also would like to say, how so many of us missed Pop Steel at the Reunion.
He has been a stalwart at our Reunions and his memory, incredible but as we are all aware, age catches up with all of us
and I can understand why he didn't attend this year.

I have written to David and Denise, and I've attached a copy of my letter to them. If you want to put it on the website you
can but that's entirely your decision.

Thank you so much for my school report and Mr Wheatley's comments. What you don't know he did make me go to the
gardening training under Mr Embleton, it lasted a week. After breaking the rake, the shovel, and bending the forks of
something that's called a fork, he told me to get out of his gardens and get back to the carpenters shop as he felt he had
been striped up by Mr Wheatley in asking him to take this 'wonderful young boy' Michael Justice to teach him gardening.
I heard him tell another member of staff, that I had done more damage to the gardens and equipment than all the other
boys that had gone through the gardening programme from when Goldings opened. It was really wasn't my fault that four
of the wheelbarrows got punctured, that I'd used weedkiller on the vegetables, I genuinely thought it was a fertiliser, and
the wellington boots I had been given although they did look new, had a hole in them before I put them on. Of course, he
would not accept any of this, and felt I could do less damage back in the carpentry shop.

I don't know how you did it Dave, but it was lovely to look at my original report and it didn't look too bad!

Will ring off now,
Kindest regards to you and Mal, and the family,
Mike Justice MBE

Mike Justice M.B.E.

Page Compiled October 2018

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Mr and Mrs D Dyment

Dear David and Denise
What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much for your card, it was so nice of you to think of me. I really do appreciate it. The
reason I didn't get up to your apartment at Goidings, was because it took three and a half hours to drive to the venue, and by the
time I did arrive, it was 2.55pm. I am aware that you usually try and get rid of everybody out of your apartment by 3pm, and as the
weather was so poor, I should imagine you had a large number of old boys, wives, family etc all huddled together in your
magnificent property.
i would have come up on the Sunday, but due to the fact that my sister's husband who is 84 had had an operation for a hernia two
weeks previous, and 1 had not seen my sister for three years, the last time was when I took her and her husband to Barbados for
my wife's 70th birthday, although we do talk on the phone (usually when she's had too much to drink but I love her dearly!!} You
did meet her several years ago, when she came to the dedication of the head stone at the Church. She was also in Barnardo's for
approximately twelve years and to give something back she then worked for them for five years and became a qualified Nanny.
She lives at Waltham Abbey and if she had known that I was driving past and in the area, she would have put a curse on me! So I
had to think should I just pop in and say hello to you, or spend an hour or so with my sister and brother-in-law. Because of the curse
thing, 1 decided to go to my sister's!
I must say, your hospitality to our old boys and their families, is second to none. The way that you open up your home to old boys
and their families, who you meet on yearly occasions, and the hospitality with regards to the food and drink that you supply, is so
much appreciated by us all. Many of the old boys who have been to your apartment before, always say oh we are off to David and
Denise's for their wonderful hospitality and they always talk about it at our evening function.
On behalf of ail the old boys, 1 send you both a big, wonderful thank you. My wife and I are off to Barbados for a month at
Christmas, and hopefully won't be too cold in the UK by the time we return in the middle of January. However, I can assure you
that I will get to see my sister and brother-in-law again in the early part of 2019 and will give you a ring and if convenient, will pop
in and see you. I don't need the wine and food but I will be EXPECTING a nice cup of tea, no milk, or sugar.

I take this opportunity of wishing you all the best and thank you once again for everything.
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely

Mike Justice MBE