Reunion Photos 2018

Up at Goldings

In The Hall

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Page Compiled October 2018

Clive Gillingham and Chris Cachrimanis

Bob Winn and Bill Harris in the Background

Dave Blower and Ronnie Knight

Jerry Davies Sammy Hill and Bill Harris

Peter Goode

Charlie Stevenson Bob Jordan, Mick Smith Kerr

Brian Hird and Des Aviston with Brians daughter

Bob Jordan and Ike Aviston

Billy, Tommy and Sammy Hill,
Micky Hindle and Jimmy Street

Peter Drummond and Chris Cachrimanis

Charlie Stevenson Mick Smith Kerr,
Rosemary Hilton and Dave Charleton

Bob Pegg and David Swinger

Ike Aviston and Jerry Davies

Jerry Davies and his lovely wife

Len Mott and Brian Hirds wives
Arthur Ebbage and Len Mott

Denice and Maurene

Jimmy Street Billy and Sammy Hill

What are they planning

Des and Ike Aviston Kate Roach,
Jerry Davies and Ronnie Knight

David and Denice Jerry Davies

Noel Mairs Des and Ike Aviston

David taking to Len Harpin Arthur Ebbage
and David Swinger

Neil Johnson Bill Harris and Bob Jordan

Bobby mac Brian Hird wife

Noel Mairs wife with John Gibbs
his wife and Henry Johnson

David Swinger, Arthur Ebbage and Len Harpin

Len and David

Clive Gillingham and Chris Cachrimanis

John Gibbs with wife and Bill Harris in Background

David and Len
Below it rained all day

Courtesy of Billy Knight