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Goldings old Boys Re-union 2004

Goldings old Boys Re-union 2005

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Goldings old Boys Re-union 2006

Previous years attendance lists

Marks the route

Hertford North Station


Marks the venue

East End Green

Orchard Cottage


Tel 01922 583494

The Goldonian Winter 1957
First Afternoon Re-Union of Goldings Old Boys
All through the year many Old Boys are welcomed at Goldings. Some spend their leave from H. M. Forces or holidays from situations at the
School, others "pop in to say 'Hello'." However short or long such visits last the conversation always ends up by a discussion of the time "when
I was here". So it seemed that it might be a good idea to set aside a particular afternoon when it would be possible for Old Boys to foregather at
Goldings and know that they would meet their old friends.
Our first attempt, this year, was enjoyed by all those who came along. During the afternoon and over tea, old times were thoroughly gone over and
the more recent changes, too, discussed. Many changes were noted by the visitors especially those of the older generation. All agreed that the
afternoon which was set apart for such a purpose was a good idea and an event to be looked forward to. The second of these re-unions is fixed for
the first Sunday in October 1958. Make a note of the date.
It is 52 years this year since the the first official reunions began, also 40 years since the closing of The William Baker Technical School.
If you donít receive your invitation please contact me and I will send you one through the email or post if you prefer.



Off the North road turn into
Welwyn road by Hertford North
Station, follow the road past
Secondary school on your left,
over ghost island, past Golden
Griffin pub on your right.
right still into the B 100
Wellwyn road, turn right into
Bentley road, past flats on your
left into The Ridgeway ,The Hall
Is on your left. Plenty of parking
Round the back of the hall,
Please leave first four bays for

Goldings Old Boys Re-union 2007

The Goldings Old Boys Association

Address for the 2016 Reunion,
The Sele Farm Community Centre
Perret Gardens ( Off Bentley Road / The Ridgeway )
Longwood Road
Sele Farm Estate
SG14 2LW

My Mobile No. For anyone who might need it is 07570 745965

Goldings old Boys Re-union 2008

Reunion Photos

The winning house 2015, with the highest attendance of Old Boys would have been Somerset and Aberdeen with a drawer.
What house will be the winner this year 2016 if you donít attend and sign in you canít win for your house. I have counted this
year the boys like Gordon Rath who hasnít given his house but I do know he was MacAndrew but lots of others I just donít
know, I can only count the boys who put their house name in the visitors book.

2007 winners were Somerset
2008 winners were Cairns
2009 winners were Aberdeen
2010 winners are Somerset
2011 winners are Somerset
2012 winners are Aberdeen and Somerset with a draw
2013 winners again were winners Aberdeen a close second by 3 points you lads really must sign in
2014 winners are Aberdeen and Somerset with a draw.
2015 winners are Somerset

Goldings Old Boys Re-union 2009


Occasional Accommodation
Cobblestones. 12 Hebing Road
Bennington. Herts. SG2 7DD
Telephone. 01438869517

Goldings old Boys Re-union 2010

Contact if you have any problems finding us Dave Blower 01922-615789 mobile 07570745965 Maps are below

Goldings old Boys Re-union 2011

These were the scores So judge for yourself
when you see how many attended

Somerset 9
Aberdeen 5
Cairns 8
MacAndrew 4
Buxton 1
Mt Steven 1
Pelham 1
Kinnaird 1

I would like to take the opportunity to thank James Perrier for Allied Bakeries Stevenage
for sponsoring our Reunion each year.
Allied have supplied the bread and rolls each year since I have been involved with the Reunion.

Goldings old Boys Re-union 2012











The Bench


Goldings old Boys Re-union 2014

Goldings old Boys Re-union 2013

Queens Cup

Reunion List 2016

Len Harpin 40s 2 e
John Spencer 1 N.B.C. e
David Swinger 50s 1 e
Dave Blower 60ís 5 e
John Mercury 60ís 1 e
Gordon Rath 60ís 6 e
John Sansom 40ís 1
Barry Archer 2 Staff d
Cliff Steele ďPopĒ 1 Staff e
Clive Gillingham 50ís 2 e
Jean Clark 1 N.B.C e
Tony Angel 60ís 1 d
Arthur Deamer 2 30ís d
Ellen Perrier e
Billy Knight 2 50ís e
Graham Rose 60s 1 d
Mike Justice 50s 1 e
Arnold Hargreaves 30s 2 e
Ron Porter B.P. 1
Joan James 2 e
Bobby Macnamara 60s 1 e
John Gibbs 50s 2 e
David Wheatley 1 e
(Mr Wheatleyís Son)
Ivan Smith 50s 1 e

Ray Hillier 60s
Brenda Hunt
Peter Goodger 40s
Sidney Bracken 50s
Ian Keats 60s
David Barlow 50s
Colin Leaney 40s
Bob Pegg 50s
Bill Roe 50s
Bill Harris 50s
Jimmy Kennedy 60s
Ron Willans 40s
Micky Hindle60s


Goldings old Boys Re-union 2015



Goldings Old Boys Reunion 8th October 2016

Goldings Old Boys Reunion 8th October 2016

Two Ways Band B

Tel: 01992 558394

16a Mangrove Road


Tel 01992 582487

The Dog and Whistle

112 Fore Street


SG14 1AB

01992 552 274


A Bayliss 1 50s e
Bob Wynn 2 50s e
Joe Law 2 60s e
D V Norman 3 40s e
Joan Embleton 1(Mr Embletons Daughter)
Peter Knight 40s 1 d
Graham Rose 1 60s d
Alex Leeming 1 50s d
T King 1 60s d
Tommy hill 1 60s e
Billy hill 2 60s e
Sammy Hill 2 60s e
John Brown 1 50s d
John Burr 2 60s d
Ike Aviston 1 50s e
Brian Cunningham 2 d
Jerry Davis 3 50s d
Reg Howitt 2 40s e
George Loftus 2 50s d
Len Mott 2 50s 2
Brian Hird 50s 5 d
Jerry Davies 4 50sd
Robert Jordon (Bone) 1 50s d
Barnardo Aftercare Staff

Des Aviston 50s 1 d
Noel Mairs 60s 1 d
Tommy Bains 60s 2 e
Micky Gay 60s 1 d

I would like to thank everyone who helped over the reunion weekend:
Ellen Perrier, Peter Drummond, Jean Clark, Michelle, Alan and Josh,
as without their help we would struggle to manage.


Many thanks once again to David and Denise for making our weekend another great success

Goldings old Boys Re-union 2016