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Dave Somerset
Well put Les,but like it was at Golding's it's been left to Somerset to lead with the GuestBook, like we did in Sport at the School, regards to Oz.
6 May 2021

Happy birthday to Cairns Old Boy Billy Hill
Have a good one Billy
6 May 2021

Les Dawkins | l.dawikins@bigpond.com
Hi Dave, its so good to go back in time and read up on what we used to do and have a look at all the photos of our sporting teams a lot of work has gone into updating the Goldonians book well done to all involved, yes like I said in my last email have great memories of my years at Goldings and no regrets, come on all you old boys I am sure with the Covid lock down you have in the UK spend a few minutes and let us all know how you are going and your time you spent at Goldings, once again Dave thanks so much for updating the Goldonians books. Cheers Les
6 May 2021 - Perth Wester Australia

Dave 62-65
The Goldonians 1953 to July 1967, when it closed, are now all on the Website
29 April 2021

Happy birthday to Sammy Hill, Cairns Old Boy
Have a great day.
28 April 2021

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