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Spoke to Jan today(she's in charge of the Hall at Sele Farm)The Hall is available as before this virus, there will be sanitiser placed around the Hall if you need them for personal use, the kitchen is available as previous, but it will for three people at any one time so my family will do a shift system for food and drink in the kitchen, so please use the hatch to be served or to speak to anyone in there. I will be bringing masks and gloves which are the disposable type available as you enter the Hall, and a container will be placed for their disposable.
The invitation I'm getting ready for print in the next three to four weeks for posting to you all. I am aware some of you are concerned about the situation, so that will be a personal choice by all of you but I will understand, but the re-union will go ahead. My next port of call will be to the residents of Golding's. I will ask if we can visit the grounds as before but I don't think we will be able to go into the House as I think that would be unwise on the residents, but I will have to wait and see on the outcome?
22 July 2020

Week 17
Well all good here,bored still at home
I'm waiting to hear from Sele Farm community to let us know where we stand with the hall for the reunion, when I know I will let you all know.
Had a good long chat with Mike Justice M.B.E.he also is in lock down at the moment, and wishes you all well.
17 July 2020

Bob mac | rmcnamara999@gmail.com
Happy birthday Paul long time no see hope you can make the next reunion have a good day take care and stay safe
14 July 2020 - Tamworth

Peter Drummond
Many happy returns Paul have a good day
14 July 2020 - Rochester Kent

Happy birthday Paul Walkeden have a Guddun little brother see you when this is all over
14 July 2020

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