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Dave 62-65
The Reunion Ticket 2020 has now been added to the the website please click from the Front page / Reunon page or the Notice Board
13 August 2020

The re-union invites I have started to post this week (10th August)and will continue over the next few weeks.The actual hall will open early September this year due to the virus as dictated by Hertford County Council for all community halls in the County which has been for all Halls across the U.K. Restrictions we expect will be similar to factories,but if further details are reported to me,they will be put on the site.We will on the day provide disposable masks,gloves and hand sanitiser for anyone who wants to before entering the Hall
We look forward to seeing everyone and will do our utmost to give you a safe but hopefully an enjoyable time
Please try and let us know about your attending as soon as possible
Dave and the Team
10 August 2020

William (Eric) Fell-Holden | w.fellholden@mail.com
Mitch, in the Verney bridge photo, is the fair-haired one!
8 August 2020 - England

Mick Smith-Kerr | smithkerr@hotmail.com
Ivan Brown and mitch on the bridge waterford
1 August 2020 - rainham kent

David and Denise
Good to hear back, Dave.

We have been wondering about the October 2020 plans and we were talking in recent days about our great sadness at missing last year and seeing Len before his quite sudden death. Such a lovely man. We were so fond of him.

I am sure it will be made possible for you to visit the grounds again though as you say, the Hall is another matter in these difficult times.

Just to let you know, we are in the process of selling our Apartment after 15 happy years at Goldings. As such - dependent on how things move forward - we may not be around. That said, we will connect you with the Hall Management Team so that you are always looked after for visits each October. We might even drop by to say hello.

Will keep you updated.

Our warmest wishes.

David & Denise
26 July 2020

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