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Hello Mr Smith
Iím not a Golding's boy but I have attended Golding's Reunions for nearly 20 years and a nicer bunch of Old Boys and Staff I could ever wish to meet 30's 40's 50's and 60's.
We have a great day and some of us we also have a great weekend recalling and sharing. I'm proud to call these Old Boys my friends.
I donít know what Golding's was intended to be, but the Golding's Old Boys I know are the nicest bullies or borstal boys you could ever wish to meet.
Bullying has always been a problem and it goes on in many schools including Public Schools,and at homes and work places today, and will always go on, I think thatís human nature picking on the weaker or maybe thatís not the word the different, thatís not to condone it just trying to explain, (the bully is the weaker person in the end.)
The people I know and their families, not all go on the website itís not their thing, and the website isnít really a chat site its more for information and getting and keeping in touch.
I hope you keep looking in we really appreciate your comments
I would be interested to know the Barnardo,s site you also visit and take a look

9 April 2021

Now and again I pop onto the website only to find it's all about obituaries, birthdays and sadness being a member of another Barnardo site how refreshing it is to read their stories of Joy and true happiness within the Barnardo umbrella, sadly Goldings was as intended, originally a Borstal later run on similar lines with discipline the highest priority,the introduction of military type cadets served only to sort the wheat from the chaff with priority over the trade ability or an academic person, manifesting into nothing more than Bullying from the ranks, Goldings by today's standards ranks amongst the highest, looking forward to your comments.
4 April 2021 - GB

Happy birthday to Old Boy William Fell-Holden
Have a great day Bill see you in October
Stay safe
3 April 2021

email recieved Richard Whiting
I worked at Goldings for twelve years when it was used by the Highways Division of Herts County Council, although actually owned by Education. When Frank Cooke mentioned that he'd been at Barnardo's, I offered to create a FaceBook page. It never took off but we have some members:
Ernest J Andrews
Chris Florence
Rob Davis
Victor King
Frank Cooke
Brian Ball
As I walked through Waterford today, I met an old Goldings colleague named Irene Mitchell. We were stood in Vicarage Lane, next to a building that was once part of the Barnardo's estate. Designaplant would appear to own it now.

Rene and her husband told us that it was being developed but they weren't aware of what was going to happen to it. I could get pictures if you wanted.
Her husband, Peter told me that he used to live there in one of about 4 or 5 rooms. There were about a dozen boys at this house. Rene and Peter still live in Waterford.
His name also appears on your list of record cards:

I'll ask him if he wants to make contact with you again.
Richard Whiting
23 March 2021

Dave 62-65
This is my reply to Brian, and its all been added to our front page.
This also makes our website worthwhile,
helping someone to find their past and relate it to other family members.

Hello Brian
Have you visited our website? www.goldings.org
I have very little information of the early 20,s as our school magazine
The Goldonian began being printed in 1927. I can give you a copy of the film of the Prince of Wales opening the school in 1922 on DVD. I also have a picture of the boys sitting on the lawn on the day it was opened. I too was a carpenter at Goldings but many years later 1962-65.
I also have films on DVD of every decade that I can let you have copies.
I will look through what info I do have but those early years are scarce.
We hold a reunion every year in October, hopefully with the lockdown it will take still take place this year as last years was cancelled and of course you and your family would be most welcome to attend. If I can be of help with anything else or you would like to speak to me my phone number is
01922 615889
Dave Blower

21 March 2021

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