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Peter Drummond
Hi everyone I hope I find you all well and not suffering to much over the lockdown maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.keep your chin up and hopefully see you in October.
27 May 2020 - Rochester Kent

Dave,Mal and Family
Reference the School Re-union and an update to the present situation (Corona Virus)I am continuing with the organisation for it Saturday 3rd October at Sele Farm.I have booked my families Hotel from the Friday to the Sunday already. The invites are ready to be printed subject to the following situation, that perhaps this year they say we can't use the hall because of the virus (it has already been paid for) if that does arise I expect that they will credit us for the following 2021? The visit to Golding's may this year be declined due to the virus. I will closer to the date (September) pose the questions to the both of these items above, but at the moment I am looking at it as to date I have the O.K. As of today I have had no contact on the subject above with with anyone, but will contact them later. I am only second guessing this maybe could happen. I will put any info on the site when I get it, regards to all
P.S.this will also be subject to how the Government deal with the situation.
25 May 2020

William Fell Holden
Poem In Rembrandt Gardens
Who thought that I should ever die?
Not I, not I.
Who could think that I would sink
and cry?
Not I, not I.
Who could gather, like I'd never,
a flock of lies?
Not I, not I.

What is a life, without reflection?
a time for sorrow, a space for action;
no contradiction, no sure affliction;
only a stream of happenings, only
a weave of interactions -
of relationships and their refraction.

Nothing is simple, though plain
at the start:
emotions grow clear and
then depart:
in the beginning, we return at last
to the place where rests the silent heart.
23 May 2020

Dave 62-65
Goldonian Summer 1957 has now been added to the website please click from the front page
Enjoy your read
20 May 2020

Dave 62-65
Week 9
Another Bank Holiday coming up but still a lock down for me.
I've spoke to Pop, Micky Gay, Bobby mac, our Jean (Bluenose) and Billy Knight all still doing fine.
We have a slow return to work but that's not gonna be me, I'm a man of leisure now I wish!!! this gardening business is hard work lol, but the weather is still holding out and its really hot here, (that's for the Old Boys who are abroad)
everyone take care just wish the pubs would open I could just bost a pint in this heat lol
20 May 2020

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