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Dave 62-65
Week 9
Another Bank Holiday coming up but still a lock down for me.
I've spoke to Pop, Micky Gay, Bobby mac, our Jean (Bluenose) and Billy Knight all still doing fine.
We have a slow return to work but that's not gonna be me, I'm a man of leisure now I wish!!! this gardening business is hard work lol, but the weather is still holding out and its really hot here, (that's for the Old Boys who are abroad)
everyone take care just wish the pubs would open I could just bost a pint in this heat lol
20 May 2020

Willian Fell Holden
A Family More I Miss:
The Boy Me, my thought; me does,
is this: the tender home of bliss?

The curl-up sleep of silent joy;
me thought, my does, is this:

the bed where I does miss?
Is this: boy, where rests when I,

a coast away, that view the isle:
can only look, this picture book, and gaze.

Me does, me thinks, I miss more havens
of happiness;
the crumpled cove of comfort closed, and this:

me thinks, me does, I know, feel pangs
I cannot show, but wait awhile, and stare, and this:

me thinks, I know, I does.
18 May 2020

Clive Gillingham Somerset House 50`s | clivegillingham@yahoo.com
A day late but happy birthday Mr Drummond.
A tipple when we meet in Oct. hopefully.
15 May 2020 - Great Bardfield, Essex

Happy birthday Peter Drummond Goldings Old Sea Dog have a gudun if you can lol

14 May 2020

Dave 62-65
Week 8 I think we are at last having the restrictions lifted, lots of ifs, buts why and whens lots of statements contradicting each other but we are coming to the beginning of the end, "I think and hope there's no spike ", and typical I'm not sure we should be lifting them yet lol
slowly slowly glad when the pubs are open
13 May 2020

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