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Brian Battrick
Dear Sir

My father was at 18-22 Stepney Causeway London in 1922 He was among the first group to go to William baker School
I have a photo of him in the cricket team as the wicket keeper dated 1922
His date of birth was 7 March 1907
He did carpentry at the school and in sport was good at Boxing .

I have tried to put some information together for my own children but have very little .

If you can help me it would be wonderful to tell my grandchildren.

Brian Battrick
21 March 2021

Friday March 20th 2020 midnight, we entered lock-down for covid, and have been in some kind of lock-down or tier system etc since and here we are still in lock-down but thankfully slowly coming out of . I remember Boris announcing it on the Friday night as he had asked for us to stay home and no one was really listening including myself, pubs will close at midnight, "well I thought to myself I'm off out then if its for the last time for a bit and went down the pub shock as I walked in at 8 o clock they called last orders and closed I got one pint lol
Mal thought it was hilarious when I arrived back home at 8-30
Well all I hope is its all gone away by October for our Reunion
20 March 2021

Thanks for the birthday wishes Denise.
I would also like to take this time to remember a few other old boys whose birthdays are in March,
But they are no longer with us
John Hunt, Johnny Leach, Len Harpin and Brian Perrier Bill Roe, Henry Peet Bills brother in April
All sadly missed
17 March 2021

Michael Smith-Kerr | smithkerr@hotmail.com
You are right Clive it is Baggy from Cornwall, and the other one is Reginald
Mennel, not sure of the spelling. I was with Reginald at Barkingside in the Village.
16 March 2021 - rainham kent

Denise Dyment
16 March 2021

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