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Happy birthday MacAndrew Old Boy Gordon Rath have a great day Gordon stay safe
26 February 2021

Such a pleasant and simple explanation from a well regarded Goldings boy Mike Justice, as we all approach our latter years it is beyond the crystal ball what lays ahead, I read the other day if you have reached 60,70 or 80 we have endured the worst life has thrown us.
22 February 2021

Clive Gillingham Somerset House 50`s
you stay safe brother, see you in the Salisbury once again 2021.
20 February 2021 - Great Bardfield, Essex

Mike Justice M.B.E.
Thank you so much for your email and for your concern with regards to my wellbeing.
I would say that Ann and I had been in quarantine since January. At the end of October we decided we were not going away for Christmas because of the dreaded disease - not realising I was going to have a stroke and finishing up in hospital for a seven week holiday!!
I really did miss Ann but at least she could come and look at her very attractive husband through the window!!!
Lucky enough when I was paralyzed on my left side I managed to get back most of my speech and my left leg, my left arm and hand are getting better but I still have a problem counting my £50 notes, Ann said she will count them for me - I'm not stupid, the stroke didn't affect my brain so I always decline her offer!!!!!
I was allowed out of the hospital in December which was a specialist stroke unit, but because of Corona, they were just getting rid of patients as soon as they could, which allowed me to be at home for Christmas. I don't know how we did it, but between Ann and I, we managed to cook a full Christmas dinner, an old fashioned prawn cocktail for starters, chicken with all the trimmings and the only thing that was slightly overcooked was the pigs in blankets - still edible though. I will also admit to having a few glasses of champagne but I wouldn't admit this to my nurse or doctor
I know our Christmas card would have said all the best for 2021 but at least we haven't caught Corona.
All I want to say is stay safe, be happy and we will get to see you someimte in 2021.
In the meantime, I send you all my love and best wishes and thank you for thinking of me.
Kindest regards
Mike Justice
18 February 2021

The Goldonian Winter 1954 has just been added to our website “enjoy your read “
17 February 2021

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