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Cliff Welham
Thanks for your email. Attached (hopefully) is a photograph of Goldings sent to my father's brother in Australia I would imagine after the Great War 1914-1918. My Australian cousin gave it to me when we visited her some year ago. Written on the back it says 'The Lodge' Goldings.
Please feel free to print any of this information in your Guest Book and lets hope we get some feed back.
Regards Cliff Welham
20 August 2006

Thanks Bob anything you can send is greatly appreciated. you know we Goldings boys can't get enough photographs or stories
Keep in touch
18 August 2006

Bob Robertson | bobr@norex.com.au
Saw the bit about exhibition at Hertford we are moving to a new factory during the move I found the setting stick that Trevor Powell gave me still in the original box also the eye glass Bill Purkiss gave me when I left to go to my first job at Welwyn Garden City that was 47 years ago in November. Time goes by we have been married 47 years on 14 November. Got a few photos( photocopies) from Barnardos today only one was of me I will post them when they send originals
17 August 2006 - Sunny Australia

Cliff Welham
Dear Mr Blower,

We have been looking with great interest at Goldings website. My grandfather Alfred Edwin Welham worked as a Print Minder at Goldings sometime between 1922 and 1926 and lived at The Lodge. We have an old family photograph with the words 'The Lodge Goldings' written on the back but it does not appear the same Lodge as shown in your picture gallery. Do you know if there were more than one Lodge. In some of the family documents his residence is referred to as Hertford Lodge.

In 1991 we had a letter from Barnardos Research Officer telling us that Mr Ron Stackwood, also at some time in charge of the Print Shop, remembered Alfred Welham as his bible class teacher at Christchurch in Hertfordshire in the 30's. Barnardos had no more information on Alfred.

Would you be interested in a copy of our photograph of The Lodge Goldings?
17 August 2006

Clifford Steele
I think I must have the year wrong when the dining hall was painted and all meals were taken in the rec. hut. I'll have to thumb through the Goldonians unless someone remembers the year.

16 August 2006

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