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Dave 62-65
Many thanks Les for your welcome input to our site,perhaps this may stimulate others,and I'm quite sure if "Pop" wrote his experience of his days at Golding's (he is now 89)it would be a best seller! coupled along many of the other Staff that should have done it, that are no longer with us,dedicated Staff because for sure they were not well paid! I feel it is important that we get to record our time at Golding's,good or bad,as it will be lost forever
P.S.Yes I remember you Les in Somerset,all the best to one and all.
22 April 2021

Les Dawkins | l.dawkins@bigpond.com
Hi Smith Golding's to me was my real start in life, having previously been in another orphanage in ST Albans at the age of 5 then moved to Golding's at first it was a bit daunting but it made a man of me, I was there in the late 59s or early 60s until I left, Dave you will know the exact dates, I was then 16, I was in the painting shop where I learnt my trade and carried that on when I left, I was taught respect and discipline which has never done me any harm, like most of us at Golding's we did not have parents to teach us the rights or wrongs.
I was in Somerset house and loved every minute of the time I spent there, I loved all sport and joined in most of the various sports, and Somerset were leaders most of the times, I am not very biased, I was never bullied or forced to do any activity I joined the Cadets of my own free will and had a great time in the corps, I feel very privileged to have spent the time I did at Golding's, the Masters were all good I had my favourites, like Pop Steel who was very encouraging to join In all sports and what a great sportsman he was, and Skip what a great man he was he was a great leader in the Cadets.
Like I said previously Golding's gave me a great start in life, I left the UK in 1965 and came to Perth Western Australia, I Married have two great boys, now grown men and four fantastic grandkids, and I have always taught them all the values that I was shown at Golding 'sorry to Waffle on but I never ever regret my time there.
22 April 2021 - Western Australia

I think everyone remembers Jimmy James who was a Goldings Boy in the 40s and returned as a teacher in the 50s
Well at the first reunion I organised 2004, a few of us 60s lads who hadn’t seen each othe for nigh on 40 yrs decided on the Sunday morning before heading home to relive the short cut so off we went. At the beginning of our adventure we saw Jimmy as we waved hello he shouted “what you lot up to” and we all laughed, and carried on. (He didn’t trust us 60s lads much but he did eventually come round to us “i think” lol)
After an hour or so slowly walking and having a laugh remembering our scrumping days and other exploits we had on our way back from Hertford to Goldings on a Saturday afternoon. We came to the gate at the end of the short cut and there was Jimmy waiting in his car ( he must have been there ages ) “what are you lot doing what you been up to down there” we all laughed I said “ Jimmy you should have been a Goldings Boy this morning and come with us for a laugh instead of being the teacher you would have had more fun” he grumbled something and got in his car laughing.
Typical Jimmy lovely man, a friend of his John Sansom said to me once “if you cut Jimmy in half he would have GOLDINGS right through him like a stick of rock”
Happy days
17 April 2021

Hello again smith
I think you will wait a very long time for Barnardo's to organise anything they seem to have forgot about us a little bit, and they have nowhere now to hold such an event having sold Barkingside off (very sad really )
We have at least 3 staff from Barnardo's aftercare attend our reunion every year but that's all I'm afraid.
So our get together is for everyone who wants to attend friends family staff Barnardo's children whether or not they attended Golding's they're welcome. We are all getting older and eventually we all know it will end but while we can we intend to have a really good time
Keep in touch and maybe one day we will meet.
15 April 2021

Thank You for all the comments, I have not been to a reunion myself since my demob 1960 and from what I have read is a highly regarded social event, organised meticulously by Dave many months in advance and appears an outstanding success, more importantly I see several staff or Masters attend, signifying respect to both pupil and tutors no doubt with all the best wills in the world not everyone will be best pleased and I am such, so while I seem disgruntled or maybe saber rattling I am hopeful to inspire a reunion, one which we can all appreciate a final gesture to all our or your pals whom laid paths to our good fortune or bad, as they say if you have lived this long you have survived the worst life has thrown, an achievement in itself, so a little grumbling here and there is of no consequence. I attended the 2000 barkingside garden party with a gathering of many Barnardo homes and lived at five, the event was well supported and a reunion would be best organized here after all our contributions support HQ and it will be nice to see the Dr Bs money boxes full size full of money and not shrinking in number.
13 April 2021

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