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Who am I
I was in the best house. This Monday I will be as old as a conker tree. My mate and best friend at Goldings was Mr Goodman. Favourite sport Football up top field. Present occupation..Central Heating engineer for school block. Former Bugler in Cadets. Former resident from the penal Colony in the southern hemisphere. Dislikes Kiwi's. Happy Birthday Monday remember to call.
5 March 2006

Paul Bean
hi dave blower

thank you for your e-mail regarding old boys from goldings.
i was a goldings boy from 1961-1965( the friends reunited site is in my wifes name)
my name then was Paul Bean and was in House Aberdeen, i was in the joiners shop under Mr Broster, i also was influenced by skipper in the cadets ,did`nt realize the school closed down not long after i left, is the school still in use , and would be intrested to know what happened to the seniors house in the village, after leaving goldings i joined the first battalion loyal regiment in 1967-1973. Having returned to my origin of birth in Hull i now live just outside beverley in east yorkshire and am very interested in the reunion in October.
4 March 2006

Peter Drummond | send4peter@blueyonder.co.uk
Sorry peter and Ann won't be able to attend the Waterford bench day due to work commitments and the fact that i'm stuck in Portland and can't bunk off so
I Hope to be able to pop up and see the blower family after our holiday in June meanwhile best wishes to all.
4 March 2006 - Portland naval Dockyard

John Hunt
I would like to send my best wishes to Jack from Brenda and myself.
Take care Jack
John Hunt
3 March 2006 - Hertford

Dave | www.goldings.org
Emails recieved

David: thanks for email. Look forward to Waterford Bench day. Eric Holden.

Hi David
Many thanks for the mail, as I know John well from playing tennis with him for County Hall tennis club, I am pleased he was able to help you. I shall look forward to the 22nd, and I hope the weather is kind. My thanks to all who helped to organise this excellent idea
Best wishes John Sansom

Sorry James Rose and family will not be able to attend due to work commitments
Regards James Rose

I got your email regarding the Bench, congratulations on finally getting permission to have situated in Waterford; I am hoping to come on the 22nd but will confirm with you nearer to the date.
With kind regards


Martine King
Archive and Administration Manager
After Care
2 March 2006

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