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Ginger Ten Fags!!!
Who's Ginger Ten Fags??
13 January 2006 - Down short cut

Ginger Forty Fags | daveblower@thedump1.freeserve.co.uk | www.goldings.org
Unlike the rest of you heathens,Dave was a young gentleman,therefore I did it for pleasure.The rabble that I experienced with some of you lot made me despair.Tinky Winky Drummond,La La Angel,Po Perrier,Dipsy Woody,Nu Nu Macnamara,Mr Plod Hill,and Noddy Chamberlain..all useless. P.S...meet you by the Lodge Gate's,I love you all.
13 January 2006

Bob Robertson | bobr@norex.com.au
life is what you make it,if u go though life with a chip on your shoulder u will never succeed, we were all given the opportunity by Barnardos and Goldings, how u use that opportunity was up to u. I for one will be for ever grateful for the chance I was given. I was sent to Barnardos as being beyond parental control, bullshit, I was not wanted, however I took my chance at 66 I am ready to retire I own a large Printing Business in Australia employing 24 we print and own 2 newspapers. I had the same start as all of u Barnardos taught me u only get out of life what u put in thank u Ron Dusty Trevor Inky Reg Bill and all Goldings staff I am proud to call myself a Goldings boy.
I visited Goldings in 2003 heartbreaking what they have done. When I retire I will come out to the UK and come to a reunion I have met 2 former Goldings boys in Aus small world all the best for 2006 bobr
13 January 2006 - Australia

Steve Chamberlain | steve.chamberlain1@btinternet.com | www.tetroc.co.uk
I think you miss my point Pete, nothing to do with owning a PC.
If you want to do something you can, beleave me I know that for sure. Just I find it sad that out of all the boys that went to goldings less than 10% seem to have gone back. Is it a reflection on BARNARDOS or childrens homes in general.
12 January 2006 - Bournemouth Dorset

Peter Drummond | send4peter@blueyonder.co.uk
You guys don't have to look far to find stormy's blue eyed boy He's the one that walks around with twenty fags in his back pocket(tailormades no less)
while the rest of us are hiding them who's the blue eyed boy who used to do P.J's (private jobs)for pay.
And one final thing who was the first one to pay Ginger ten fags in cash
12 January 2006 - Garden of England

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