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Dave Blower | www.goldings'org
Enjoy your holiday Tod the bench will be here when you return
11 April 2006

Peter Drummond | send4peter@blueyonder.co.uk
An Irishman, a Mexican and a Blonde Guy were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, "Corned beef and cabbage! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building."
The Mexican opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Burritos again! If I get burritos one more time I'm going to jump off, too."
The blond opened his lunch and said, Bologna again! If I get a bologna sandwich one more time, I'm jumping too."
The next day, the Irishman opened his lunch box, saw corned beef and cabbage, and jumped to his death.
The Mexican opened his lunch, saw a burrito, and jumped, too.
The blonde guy opened his lunch, saw the bologna and jumped to his death as well.
At the funeral, the Irishman's wife was weeping. She said, "If I'd known how really tired he was of corned beef and cabbage, I never would have given it to him again!"
The Mexican's wife also wept and said, "I could have given him tacos or enchiladas! I didn't realize he hated burritos so much." Everyone turned and stared at the blonde's wife.
The blonde's wife said, "Don't look at me. He makes his own lunch!

9 April 2006 - at Home

Dave Blower | daveblower@thedump1.freeserve.co.uk | www.golding.org
This years re-union 2006 will be held October 7 th The first Saturday of the month. We have decided to stay with the same venue as last year. The evening menu is as follows main course Shepherds Pie, Dessert is Pavlova.
The ticket price this year is 12.00 and order forms will be sent out nearer the day. Any queries please feel free to contact myself or Jimmy in the usual way. Look forward to seeing you all soon. Dave...
The venue address is below.
St Johns Hall.
All Saints Vicarage.
More information on the Reunion Page
8 April 2006

dave blower
A conversation between 2 Goldings boys overheard in the school block

DAVE "I'm not worried about bird flu Peter"
PETER "Why not"
DAVE "Im a bloke"
8 April 2006

Peter Drummond | send4peter@blueyonder.co.uk
In an attempt to thwart the spread of bird flu,
George W. Bush has bombed the Canary Islands.
8 April 2006 - Home in Kent

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