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I'm on my way down to Hertford today so i'll see you all on Saturday. It looks like we're going to have a belter. To all the lads I know can't make it Johny Mercury. Bobby Mac. Vic Rowlands. Bob Robertson. Jack Johnson. Micheal Maxin. and I know many more we'll have a drink for you maybe one or two
All the best
29 September 2005 - Walsall

TONY ANGELL | acallways@aol.com
CHERRY ROAST HAM!! please sir can i have sum more.
28 September 2005 - LONDON

woody | fjwwoodster@gmail.com | mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/the_Wood_Clan/index.jhtml
Hoping to be able to join you all this year, been frustrated the past couple of years by the offspring needing my attention. At present awaiting the arrival of my 7th grandchild so everything is hanging in the balance, might mean I'll have to bring my daughter with me on the day, so someone keep a table empty and water boiling.
If I am unable to make it, this will not stop me from thinking of you all, and hoping, sorry no need to hope, KNOWING the day will be a great celebration for everyone.

Many thanks to Dave the Quiff for all his hard work, will send some stilts down for you mate so you can stand head to head with the best.

Respect and regards to one and all.

28 September 2005 - Sunny Cambridgeshire

bob mac and roma | coopermac@coralwave.com
Hi just got back on line regards to all at the re-union.
We are both here out in the sunny
well dave how is the family hope all is well and you have a good weekend are you at the last hotel.
Hope the beds are better.
Hi Vic if you get to read this sorry we did not get to you but we are leaving our e.mail address so look for it
Bobby mac and Roma
28 September 2005 - Harbour Island Bahamas

jimmy chapman
hi folks,looks like a load of old boys are going to decend on hertford this saturday.cant wait to see you all----regards jim chapman
27 September 2005 - aylesbury bucks

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