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Robertson Arthur | bobr@norex.com.au
well done but where are the old boys from the 1950s
5 August 2005 - Australia

Jack Johnstone. | jonjay80@shaw.ca
I was Aberdeen Housemaster in the late 1940's. Have lived in Canada for more than 50 years and was privileged to attend the reunion in 1998 where i met several of the lads who were in my house. Also worked at Much Wenlock and Horsington House. Would enjoy hearing from any Goldonians.
5 August 2005 - Winnipeg. Canada.

Vic Rowlands | vicrowlands@hotmail.com
Wow!! Talk about nostalgia ... I found myself choking up more than once, I tried to count but ran out of fingers!!

Great site!!

Keep it up.
26 July 2005 - Tennessee

Barnardo's Centenary Gala Reunion
Barnardo’s Village in Barkingside, Essex, will hold host to a very special Barnardo's Centenary Gala Reunion on Saturday 17th September 2005, 10am till 4 30pm bringing together people who were in the care of Barnardo’s as children and former staff.
For further details contact:
After Care on 020 8498 7536
18 July 2005

Bowled Driva
Best Costume: Long John Silver, B. Hill; Gladiator, D. Coffey. Comedian:
Baby on tricycle, B. Hicks; Black and White ;Minstrel, F. lorns.
Original: Bottle of Beer, R. Hendry; Scarecrow, V. Rowlands.
Pairs: Warden and Prisoner, D. Hanson and C.Horsnell;
Batman and Robin, B. Ireland and M. Ross.
Group: Boxing Casualty, C. Hill, S. Howard and B. Campbell;
Cleopatra .and Servants, M. Steele, M. Tilbury, P. Beane, P. Hircock.

The 'Best House' competition was won by Cairns, and they received a large box of sweets, which were equally divided between the boys.
The vicar standing tall at the back is, our present day host at the reunions Guess who!
15 July 2005

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