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Dave 62-65
Horace Thompson story and photos will be added to the site this week.
Many thanks to his daughter for sending in the information it is always good to hear about old boys and try to help their family find more information.
25 October 2020

Susan Shepherd (Thompson)
Hello, my name is Sue Shepherd and I have come across your website and thought you might be interested in hearing about my late father.
His name was Horace Thompson, he was born in Hull, Yorkshire in 1922 and joined the Dr Barnardo's family at the age of four.
After two unhappy stays with foster parents, he was eventually sent to live with a loving family in Suffolk on a farm in West Row. He grew to think of this family as his own. However at the age of 14, Dr Barnardo's decided to send him to The William Baker technical school in Goldings to learn a trade. (Carpentry)
I believe he was at Goldings between 1936 & 1938 or 39.
25 October 2020

Dave 62-65
I've just had a call off Ron Porter to let me know he has been back to clean and polish up our Bench, and will continue to visit the Bench to clean every month he has sent me photographs and they are on the Bench pages
Click on Bench and then click to Old Boys return or go to Notice Board as they will also be there for a while
16 October 2020

Well I donít know now what week we are in but we came out of lockdown just to start slowly going back into lockdown
Make a decision Boris lock us down or donít we donít know what we are doing Tier 2 what on earth does it all mean
Just got that bench done in time so now Iím gonna stop moaning lol
15 October 2020

Happy birthday Mick Smith Kerr have a good day
12 October 2020

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