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Dave 62-65
Well we have come out of lock-down just to start slowly going back into it.
Reunion cancelled and Christmas may be next, not bothered much about Christmas but I'm gutted about the Reunion.
Still Golding's Boys will always bounce back. Maybe everyone can send in a photo of themselves and whoever they are with and whatever they are doing on the day I can add to the site.
There's always a way around everything
22 September 2020

Cancellation letters ref barnardos
Dear Dave,
Just a quick note to let you know that we have prepared the letters to go to our mailing list of Goldings Reunion invitees, to let them know that the event is cancelled. Sonya will be taking them up to HO tomorrow morning and we hope that they will be posted out the same day.
See you on 2nd October 2021?
Warm Regards,
Kate Roach (Making Connections)
17 September 2020

Dave emails received
Many thanks for letting me know Dave, though as you appreciate it would have been unlikely I'd have made it over this year due to the restrictions of re-entering Australia on my return, however, I think, and applaud you for making the best decision in the circumstances.
Cheers for now - Derek Hammond

Yup! Like everything else. All kicked into touch. Thanks to Covid.
Thanks for your time and the message.
Geoff Kingsnorth

Shame Dave but understandable...take care of yourself and loved ones...
Regards Mick Ross

Thank you for the update, Dave.
We will nonetheless think of you all first Saturday October and raise a glass to you all.
Warmest wishes:
David & Denise
12 September 2020

Dave emails received
Thanks, Dave. Sorry all your arrangements have been for nothing.
Until next year, Joan Embleton

Dear Dave
I'm sad to hear that this year's reunion is cancelled,as I expect you are yourself.
Although I had already made my decision to miss this year due to Covid-19,I'm sure the old boys and their families will be disappointed.
Thanks for all the hard work you and your family put in to enable us to have our reunions in past years.
I will look forward to next year's reunion and wish you and your family a healthy year ahead.
Best wishes and stay safe.
Ike Aviston 1957-1960

Dear Dave,
Thank you for letting me know. Given the latest announcements I can see that you have no choice but to cancel.
(If you donít want all your old buddies arrested that is!!)
We will write again to the chaps on our list early next week.
Very Best Regard
Kate Roach Barnardo's Connections

Hi Dave, such a shame but totally understandable. I'm going to see him today so I'll let him know and I will probably take the leaflet away so that he doesn't get too confused. We might go up to Hertford for a walk about near the time anyway but we'll see how he is etc.
Thanks so much for staying in touch it means a lot to us all.
best wishes to you and your lovely family,
Claire x On behalf Micky Gay
11 September 2020

Dave 62-65
Due to the recent information by Boris Johnson (reference Corona Virus) the limited number of people meeting maximum 6 inside or out and the requirements of the hall it is impossible to continue with the Reunion
So Iíve had to cancel this years reunion see you all next year hopefully Saturday 2nd October
Sorry Tony
10 September 2020

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