William Knight came from Windsor to Goldings into
Aberdeen House in April 1956 and his trade was
He was a Cadet and also a Wimbledon Ball Boy.
Leaving in Jan 1958
© Billy Knight

A Leeming 1955

A Leeming 1955

Casual photo shots around Goldings

Freddy and Billy Knight 1955


Billy with Bob Bone 1955

M. Jones 1955

Bone, King and Stocking


Freddy and Pop Steele

C Redman 1957

S Wates and A Leeming

Billy Knight 1956

Billy Knight 2008

Easter Egg 1955

Easter Terry Berger

Mick Kerr

Billy Knight and A Leeming 1956

Roy Taylor 1956

Dymchurch 1956

A Leeming and T Brown

D Allen

Gordon Halier

Left: Gibson, Watts, Dymchurch


Wimbledon 1956

Jerry Davies 1956

On the Courts

The Stars

The Stars and the courts in
these photographs are unknown.
Bill canít remember, can anyone
put a name to them, or the boys
who are collecting autographs?

Cadets 1957

Mr Russel

A Taylor and E Burger

Skipper 1957

The Band 1957

Barkingside 1966

© Billy Knight

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Around Goldings with Billy

More Photos from Billy Album

Billy with Bob Bone 2013
In almost the same spot