Alan Dearman


This year I am providing a 6ft Christmas Tree on behalf of Barnardos at the country's largest Christmas tree festival where over
400 trees will be on display in St Mary's church, Melton Mowbray. The event attracts over 5,000 visitors over the 4 day event
during the Melton Victorian Market.
I would like ideas of what to hang on the tree. At the momment I am using some Barnardo logo's and photo's of Barnardo homes,
including Goldings. Dr Barnardo will sit on the top. I AWAIT YOUR IDEAS so please e-mail your ideas please

PHOTOS OF Alanís tree below

Dr Barnardo Atop the tree

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Page Compiled Dec 2011

Alan meets the Queen 2013

If you have read the latest Guild Messenger, you will see that the Barnardo new head office was opened on Dec. 10th by
HM The Queen. If you read the Guest book page, you would have also seen that I was invited to meet the queen as I had the
great honour of representing the National Council. I spent about 45 seconds speaking with her Majesty, during which she asked
me if I enjoyed my stay in Barnardo Care and I said 'Yes Mam' to which she replied 'I'm so pleased' It was a most exciting day
and one which I will never forget.
I was with Martine in the VIP room where we were all to meet her Majesty.
Their is some video footage on you tube of the visit. If you play the 25 second footage, wait until it ends, a box should appear
giving several video options. Hover over these until you find "Royal visit to Barnardo's" 3.45secs.on here you will find Martine
& Myself just after we had met the queen.