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Summer 1965


KNIGHT, ARTHUR: It is now a year since Arthur landed in Australia, and in a recent letter Arthur tells me he is still with the same printing
establishment, but has changed his living accommodation. He has now dispensed with his six-cylinder Wolseley, and depending on public
transport. He seems to think it will be a mad panic when the country turns over to decimal currency February, 1966.
New address: 9 Woodward Avenue, Strathfield,
Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.
DAVISON, ANTHONY: Has joined the Army and should now be in Canada, having completed his training.
His address when he wrote in April was: The Mercian Brigade Depot, Whittington, Barracks, Lichfield, Staffs.
FURNISE, STEPHEN: Is still in the Army, and I know would much appreciate a letter from any of his old friends. His address:
23984755, Rfn, Furnise, S. J., 'B' Coy-, 2nd. Bn. Green Jackets .. (K.R.R.C.), Minden Barracks, c/o G.P.O. Penang, Malaysia.
HORSENELL, CHRISTOPHER: Is doing very well in his job and is attending technical school. Present address: 89 Hawthorne Road,
Willesden, London, N.W. 10


House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. P. Honey
House Captain: Ralph Smith
Group Leaders: David Tate, David Halifax
House Colours: Black and White
ALTHOUGH WE are now in the cricket season, I wish to start these notes with the results of the Soccer inter-house finals.
Both Aberdeen Junior and Senior teams made the final and both teams drew their final games, Juniors v. Somerset went to
extra time and was then decided on penalty kicks, which saw the Cup going to Somerset.
The Senior game against Pelham also ended in a draw and the Captains decided to share the Cup.
To all the boys who played these two matches in miserable weather: WELL DONE!
We were lucky to have J. Murray, M. Tilbury, and J. Street, Sen. as a team for the annual 'Top of the Form' contest which we won by 1 point
from Somerset.
In another field we also did well in that Clifford Bean won the fancy dress prize with a very good take-off of Miss England, which together with
the other entrants meant we won a box of biscuits for the best overall turnout.
We have been very sorry to see the following boys leave Aberdeen; David Ennis, Roy Lawry, Patrick Forsey, Brian Stockton, Ray Bowden,
Michael Linnell, John Bartlett, Keith Bishop, who have taken up situations, and finally Roger Coppin who has just started his Printing
apprenticeship. We wish all these boys well and hope to hear from them occasionally.
On the other hand we are glad to welcome the following boys to the House: Geoffrey Harrington, Stephen Haines, Ian Horrell. We hope you
enjoy your stay with us.
Although it is very early yet to know if we are to win any cricket cups we have played a few games, vis.:
v. Cairns (Juniors), 65 for 6—36; v. Pelham (Seniors), won by Pelham by 5 runs after a very exciting finish; v. Cairns (Seniors). easily won by
It is extremely hard to pick and choose particular boys who excel in this game, as from what I have seen of both teams playing every one is keen
even though they may lack the polish, but on the bowling side the following boys have turned in some good figures: R. Smith, D. Tate,
G. Tovey, T. Reed, Street brothers, and J. Murray. On the batting side I think the honours are even. I hope by the next time we go to press we
will have a full season of cricket to write about.
At the time of writing we are in the throes of preparing for Wimbledon and sixteen Aberdeen boys have so far been selected.
We still have a contingent of boys in the Cadet Band, but their numbers are falling; perhaps we shall see them rise next term.
At present Aberdeen are lying third in the Queens' Cup competition, but we can always hope to do better next term.
This term saw the start of the Outward Bound training school at Conway and we sent R. Carlyon on the first course. To date we know nothing
about his experiences but I expect he will be full of tales when he returns.
Many boys will follow him and have the chance of mountain climbing, canoeing, cycling, etc., and I hope that the next course includes more
Aberdeen boys. .
In closing I wish all the boys and Staff a very good and enjoyable summer holiday. All Aberdeen boys are scheduled to go on leave and we
are looking forward to the beginning of next term when we are all together again.
P. H.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Patterson
House Captain: Peter Howe
Group Leaders: John Allen, Peter Olbison, Richard Daglish House Colours: Red and Black
First of all I would like, on behalf of all Cairns, to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Patterson who have replaced Mr. Clarke, who has now left the School
altogether. We wish them a long and happy stay with us.
Peter Howe has come out of hospital where he has been for many weeks now, and is biding his time in sick bay, much to his disapproval; we
all hope that he gets fully fit very soon now.
Cairns came nowhere in the Queens' Cup this term, which I think was due to no house parents, but I should say that we will do much better
next year.
Cairns Seniors have played two cricket matches and have lost them both, but they put up a good show in both games. Some of our boys have
gone to Conway in Wales they are Raymond Allen, William Mcphee, Brian Smith, Thomas Hill, Robert Woodward, Frank Cook; we all hope
that they get along all right. Well there is not much more to say this term, except that I hope Cairns do well in the coming year.
There is little that I can add to what has already been said so well by our acting House Captain, JOHN ALLEN, except to say a big 'Thank you'
to John and the boys for the way in which they have helped my wife and I to get things running smoothly. We also appreciate the way in which
most of the lads have worked to really put CAIRNS back in their rightful place, AT THE TOP. Thanks again lads and Well Done!
We Would also like to say a special word of thanks to the other members of the staff for the wonderful way in which they rallied round and
helped us on our arrival and on every other occasion on which we have asked or needed it.
We are both looking forward to a long and happy association with Goldings, the Staff and the boys. Thanks for everything.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Goodman
House Captain: Kevin Law
Group Leaders: G. Carr, S. Howard, R. Hillier, R. Porter, C. Hill, R. Merrifield
Colours: Green and Yellow
Once again it is time to put pen to paper and it gives me great pleasure to write the notes for Pelham House.
First of all we would like to welcome J. Adams from Barkingside, and C. Culling from Norwich. As some come some must go, and so we have
said goodbye to G. Pfaff, G. White, T. Bains, W. Campbell, and D. Langler. We wish, them all the best for the future. We also congratulate
B West on being accepted as an apprentice in the Printing Department, and Kevin Law on his promotion to House Captain!
It as at the beginning of this term that we suffered the tragic loss of David Abdi, which came as a great blow to everyone, especially all of
us in Pelham who admired him greatly, we all miss him very much. I am pleased to say that Pelham won the Queens' cup by a very good margin,
our nearest rival being 100 points behind. To celebrate the occasion we had a party organized by our House parents. Also Kensington won the
dormitory shield with a great effort, which was an extra celebration for them, and all the boys enjoyed the party very much.
The swimming pool was opened at Easter but the weather being cold did not encourage many to take the plunge. However, Whitsun was a
different story, with the weather lovely and hot there was great activity in the pool, and then it had to be emptied for cleaning which resulted in
an ever increasing queue asking 'when will the pool be open, "Skip"? A word of thanks to 'Skip' for keeping the pool clean and tidy.
We would like to congratulate the following boys for gaining their Junior 'A' football certificates, and for being members of the School team
who won the Lea Valley League: R. Hillier, K. Law, R. Merrifield.
In the inter-House football final we drew with Aberdeen 3-3-
For the second year running we won the Senior and Junior Cross Country cups, with Gordon White and Joey Law coming first and second in
the senior event. The Junior team actually drew with Cairns for first place, with Ray Mount coming third for our team. We have only played
two games of cricket so far, but we have been victorious on both occasions, beating Somerset by 20 runs and Aberdeen by 4 runs. We have
four boys playing in the School team, viz.: B. West, R. Hillier, J. Law, and S. Howard.
In closing our notes we would like to wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Embleton, and all the staff and boys a very pleasant summer

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. H. Snowden
House Captain: Michael Hultum
Group Leaders: Norman Brown and Frank Iorns
Colours: Yellow and Black
As I prepare these notes, here we are in the middle of spring—a new season. I have just returned from a stroll down Goldings Lane and was
greatly impressed by the enormous lime trees that dwarf the lane and the beautiful red horse chestnut trees which stood out midst all the shades
of green foliage. With this new season comes a new House Captain who is most deservedly Michael Hultum, who took over from David Blower
who has left us to become a Carpenter at Walsall, Staffordshire. All of us, I am sure, wish Michael continued success as Captain of Somerset
At this point I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mrs. Embleton back to the School after her illness, and we all hope that she will
soon be enjoying good health once more. Also joining the staff this term are Mr. and Mrs. Patterson who have taken over Cairns House from
Mr. Clarke who has left us to take up a new post in Cambridge. Coming from the Yorkshire area are Mr. and Mrs. Burton, who have come to
take a worthy post in the School. With them came Captain Rostron from the Church Army, who is staying with us until he enters St. Michael's
College, Llandaff, Cardiff, to study for the Ministry of the Church. We extend to all, our very best wishes and trust that their stay will be a
happy one. Last but not least we extend our welcome to 'Irma' who has come from Switzerland to learn the English language. We all hope that
she will be happy with us and that she will enjoy her stay in this country.
Since the Spring issue of THE GOLDONIAN Paul Goodall has left us to take up a post at Stowmarket, and Victor Rowlands has gone to
Caernarvonshire to work as a painter and decorator in Llandudno. We wish them both the best of luck for the future.
At the time of writing these notes we are in second place with 70 points, this being 16 points behind Pelham the present holders of the trophy.
With continued effort I believe we can reduce this lead and make it a real fight towards the end of term. In the Inter-House Bay Competition
the position on going to press is as follows: Columbus 14 wins, Scott 14 wins, Shackleton 2 wins, Hilary I win.
So far, a pleasing feature of the cricket has been that three members of Somerset House, namely Norman Brown, Edward Dominey, and the
House Captain have represented us in the School eleven. I think a most encouraging feature so far has been the form shown by some of the
younger boys of the School. On the 5th July, Norman Brown will be going along to the Oval for a trial match and we wish him every success
and trust it will extend his enthusiasm for the game.
In closing may I thank Terry Cain for his promptings in getting the notes prepared in good time for the Editor of our Magazine.

'May holidays be sunny days,
If you can get away,
But if you must remain at home,
Just close your eyes and say,
Dear Lord give me a quiet mind,
And rest my soul I pray,
And by thy loving presence make,
Each day a holy day.' H. S

No DOUBT the most important happening at The Verney during the present term has been the arrival of Miss Wilson our Cook. Her ability as
a cook has already been made manifest and we hope that her stay with us will be a long and happy one. We are also grateful to Mrs. Whittaker
for the help which she gave in the kitchen and also to Mrs. Ephgrave, who as ever gave of herself unstintingly.
Towards the end of last term a second visit was paid by the members of the Hertford Methodist Youth Fellowship. On Sunday evening, 28th
March, a discussion took place on racial integration which was very ably introduced by Richard Flavel, one of the visitors. Although the number
of residents who attended the discussion was small a very interesting time was enjoyed by those who did. We were pleased that Glyn Parry
was able to join us on this occasion and make his very worthwhile contribution.
On 8th April members of the Hertford Group of the English Folk Dance and Song Society along with their leader Mrs. Mclntosh came along
to the Verney and organized an evening of Folk Dancing. Once again this was a most enjoyable event and we are deeply indebted to those who
contributed and made the evening possible.
Work in the garden has commenced this term and a noticeable improvement has been remarked upon by more than one passer-by. The tennis
court has been prepared and is now in use. Unfortunately some of the equipment has seen better days and at the moment of writing these notes
one rather small member of the house, who shall remain nameless, is finding it rather hazardous standing in the centre of the court supporting
the net whilst tennis balls are whizzing by. As keen horticulturalists seem to be scarce at The Verney it is intended to sow more lawn so that it
might be possible to make more use of it and incidentally reduce the amount of digging required.
To complete the decoration of the kitchen a bright cheery red and fawn tiled floor has been laid. Further improvements have been four
additional wash basins in the students' bedrooms and the tiling of the bathroom and toilet floors.
Keith McSweeney, who joined The Verney during May, is proving himself a worthwhile member of the community and setting a standard of
cleanliness and tidiness which it would be pleasing to see some others follow.
Wherever the summer holiday may find the members of the household, we trust that a happy time will be enjoyed.

AT THE time of putting pen to paper the majority of the staff and all the boys are enjoying their Easter holidays, I hope—weather permitting.
I write to say 'Thank you' for all the help given to myself, in everything and every problem I came across. I shall always look back on Goldings
as an experience that will remain with me for many years to come.
This Thank you' must also include the daily staff who are often overlooked.
To the boys I should like to say, I heartily wish you all the very best of health and happiness for the future, remembering that if you give well
of yourselves, your returns will be greater than you could dream of.
At the time when this letter is printed you will all be looking forward to going on summer holidays. May I take this opportunity of wishing you
all a very happy time.
Goodbye and God bless you all.
J. H. CLARKE, S.R.N., M.P.A.


PELHAM—KENSINGTON, Aberdeen first, Pelham second.' To the strains of 'Our Father' and 'Glorious Things' the madding crowd streams
out for the start of another day in school.
'Amber—Burrows—Cain—Dominey . . .' War in Malaysia, football in Glasgow.
'Give out the pens, stop the talking.' Nouns and verbs, punctuation and blots. 'Phew, time for a cup of tea!'
Flog it Allan !'
'Brazil is the fourth largest country in the world and is twenty-seven times the size of Great Britain. Find page ninety, NINETY, no Mason, not
nineteen, nine-nought, ninety!'
'Collect the pens, stand up, sit down, get out! Wash those hands, stop swinging on the pipes.'
'Yes dear, just a normal morning; what's for dinner?'
G. R. B.

'ON THE outskirts of Mexico City, three years ago, half a dozen men put up a fine, new 6o-pupil schoolhouse between breakfast and dinnertime.
'Two days later, when the paint had dried and the furniture was in place, the bell rang for the first classes.'
(Extract from Readers Digest. December 1962)
F.S.S.,, K.W., G.B., J.M., D.A., B.N.


David Langler, Keith McSweeney (Apprentice), Ralph Smith, Stephen Howard, Raymond Hillier, Raymond Merrifield,
Derek Hammond (Apprentice), Dennis Ager.
Table Tennis
Shorne Kane, Brian Stockton, Barry Davison, Michael Hultum, David Fall. (Apprentice), Michael Ross.
John Allen, Norman Brown, Ralph Smith, Gordon White.
David Tate, David Langler, David Ennis, Keith Mount.
Boys' Team
ONCE AGAIN it is time to write the cricket notes. Up to the time of writing we have played five games, of which we have won one and lost
four. The following are the results in match order.
W.B.S. (40) v. Hertford Grammar School (142 for 7). Batting: Brown 7, Hultum 6, Hammond 6 not out. Bowling: Brown 2-28.
W.B.S. (94 for 7) v. Nazeing Colts (42).
Batting: McSweeney 34 not out, Hillier 25, Hammond 10, Brown 10.
Bowling: McSweeney 6-11, Brown 2-18.
Roydon (37 for 5) v. W.B.S. (33).
Batting: McSweeney 12, Lyons 6, West 6.
Bowling: McSweeney 3-8, Brown 2-23.
W.B.S. (57 for 8) v. Roydon (59 for 4).
Batting: McSweeney 33, Howard 7, Hillier 7.
Bowling: Brown 3-13, McSweeney 1-23.
Nazeing Colts (63 for 7) v. W.B.S. (41).
Batting: Hillier 15, McSweeney n.
Bowling McSweeney 5-9, Brown 2-20.
I would point out that at this stage of the season it is inexperience that has been the boys' downfall, but if they took the advice that Mr. Stevenson
and Mr. James offer they would without a doubt improve.
On behalf of our captain, Keith McSweeney, I would like to say Thank you' for all the trouble Mr. Stevenson has gone to, in arranging the
fixtures for us, and for the way in which he helps to keep up the team spirit. One hopes that our young and raw side will show signs of real
maturity before the end of the season.


Boys v. Staff
ALTHOUGH THE School football team did not have very much success against
older and bigger teams during last season, they did have one
big success against one football team who were much older, bigger, and who also had
a lot more years of experience in football.
These two teams had met previously, a year ago to be exact, when the score ended in
a 1-1 draw. But this match was to prove to be quite another
story. The team the School were opposed to were the one and only Goldings Staff XI.
Although the match tended to be a bit one-sided after the first twenty minutes it was
still a very exciting and enjoyable match for all twenty-two
players concerned.
Those spectators who saw the match were able to see one of the best goals scored up
top field for a long time, but this honour did not go to the
School—it went to the Staff XL Mr. Steele ('Pop') scored their one and only goal.
As expected the boys went on to win by 6 goals to I, but only after a hard struggle,
especially in the first half when the staff's defence was still
fresh, and I think the score would have been doubled but for the staff's goalkeeper
(Mr. Stevenson).
All the boys would like to thank all the staff for an enjoyable football match.
Maybe it will be a different story in the cricket match!