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Signatures of the Staff
attending on the day

Another of Mr Wheatley’s improvements to the School

“The New Macandrew Wing”

The introduction in 1965 of the new
system to Goldings for learning a
trade and schooling as devised by
Mr Wheatley.

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This appears to be a letter sent to Mr Wheatley from
Theodore F. Tucker who was on the Council of
Dr Barnardo’s ,thanking Mr Wheatley for his
support over the years as he was now retiring on
medical grounds as advised by his doctor.
Mr Tucker, like Mr Wheatley, was a staunch
supporter of Goldings, but I believe this letter
was also warning of impending changes that were
coming Dr Barnardo’s way, which twelve months
later the fate of Goldings was to become reality!
Though I find some of the handwriting hard to
read, we have displayed as it once was in it’s
original form

Dated 15 th Jan 1965.
Dear Mr Wheatley, thank you very much for
your kind letter. It was with great sadness that
I wrote to Mr Cornish for I feel so well that I
feel able to continue, but also feel I should not
go against medical advice. I have also resigned
from the ?? (unable to read) and Druids Heath
Schools and so lose my association with ?
with these schools ends the contact what I have
always feel were ? of the most constructive pieces
of Barnardo work.

I am most grateful to you for all you have done.
when I cast my mind back to your arrival and the
tremendous and urgent reforms you put through
I am ever conscious of the indebtedness I
personally had to you.
The boys too owe all the progress in the school
to your initial changes.

I do not think anyone knows how deeply unhappy
I was when I first took over Goldings .
(He is referring to the period before Mr Wheatley)
Quite apart from official contact I am grateful to
you and Mrs Wheatley for your kind hospitality.
I send you, and to Celia and David my best wish’s
for the future.
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Theodore. F. Tucker.

P. S.
I hope that I may at some
time call in and see you.

Former Goldings Head

Living in the Mansion he was constantly
in contact with the boys and had little time for
personal pursuits. A keen Cricketer, he was a
member of the school team, commanding his
place on ability.
The boys of his time are now mature men,
scattered throughout the world, in diverse
occupations: businessmen, teachers, missionaries,
All I am sure, have affection in their hearts for the
man who was always striving to improve the
quality of their lives.
The decision in 1966 , the year of his retirement,
to close Goldings the following year made him
very unhappy.
However, the young men who passed through
the school during his 21 years service are living
proof of the school Motto:
Finis Coronat Opus-
“The End Crowns the T
he Work”
This tribute was written by Mr R. T. Stackwood,
Principal of the Barnardo School of Print, who
with Mrs D. Maslin, widow of the former
Goldings School Secretary , attended
Mr Wheatley’s funeral. The service was
conducted by Rev, F. C. Corbett, the schools
former Deputy Head and Chaplain.

It is with deep regret we record the death at 69 of
Mr R F Wheatley B. Sc., former Headmaster of
The William Baker School, Goldings Hertford.
He joined the school in 1945 as its first Headmaster,
the previous principal officers having been Governors,
and he brought with him enthusiasm and
vision that lifted the standards and improved the
conditions for staff and boys. His endeavours in
this direction were continuous throughout his service.
Faced with post-war shortages and rationing of
materials his plans were often frustrated but never
did he accept they were not possible and gradually
new buildings appeared and the dormitories in the
Mansion achieved a new look.

Mr. R. F. Wheatley

History to be continued

dies at 69

Many Thanks to David Wheatley

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