Goldings Ball Boys, from all those years ago
return as guests of Wimbledon 30 June 2016

Peter Knight, Winston Norton, Sammy Hill, Billy Hill, and Joe Law

Scenes from their day at Wimbledon

Winston Norton Meeting The Duchess of Cornwall

“What a fantastic day l have had. Perfect Centre court ticket, met great players
from past and present, had a cosy chat with Venus and Serena's mum, broke
protocol and had a cheeky conversation with Camilla, who is a wonderful person.
Have been interviewed by the Press and T.V. Stations from Britain, ltaly, Spain and
India, gave a candid interview with Joel, a reporter from The Voice newspaper, watched some quality tennis, met up with some old
school friends from nearly 60 years ago, and came home to loads of supportive messages from family and friends, people l genuinely
care about. Who's a lucky boy then? Thank you all so much, you have made a happy man old - or should that be the other way round?”
Winston Norton

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