The Goldonian

Winter 1962

THE GOLDINGS EXHIBITION of Work, held on 3rd October, 1962, was opened by Mr. George Martin, radio and television personality.
The trades that were represented were printing, gardening, sheet-metal working, painting and decorating, carpentry, boot and shoe making,
and the School Department.
Mr. Martin said that he was very impressed by the way the work had been displayed, and the samples of work by the boys.
The Printing Department had two machines on display. The Albion was an early form of platen handpress which is approximately eighty
years old. The other machine was a Gestilith lithographic machine. There was also a stand where the compositors worked, showing the
stance and positioning of the body when at the frame. The boys taking part on the compositors' stand were J. Foote, G. Turner, K. Milsom,
C. Berry, L. Carroll, B. Munro, A- Coman and R. Roberts. On the machine was W. Snaith.
There was a very good display of window bills and posters, handbills, tickets and invitation cards.
The Gardening Department had a large collection of fruit and vegetables grown on the estate by the boys and staff; also a table showing
fruit that had been attacked by pests and diseases.
There was a variety of modern tools and implements on display.
In another corner of their section there was on the floor a few pieces of turf showing different samples of selected weed killing. The centre
of attraction in their department was a brilliant display made up of fruit and vegetables and various grasses.
In the Bootmaking Department, they were showing samples of long soling and half soling, re-welting and quarter heeling. They had on
display various types of shoes made by the boys themselves including stilleto heels, men's and ladies' shoes. The boys doing the
demonstrations were T. Bowden, D, Bullock, G. Thomas, and A, Toynton. The Carpenters had a very good display of things made
by the boys in that department consisting of a very realistic model of the new art room block which is being built by their department; a
small coffee oak table by K. Gill; a pair of garden or garage gates by M. Rose; a modern bookstand of walnut grown on our estate by
D. Thompson; an ironing board by A. Lang, and a lady's needlework box of mahogany by M. Clewer and two filing cabinets also made by
M. Rose. These are just a few of the various things made by the boys in the Carpenters' Department that were in the Exhibition.
The Sheet Metal Working Department had a good display of copper kettles and dustbins, kitchen utensils, etc. There were a few
demonstrations in oxyacetelene cutting and welding. The boys who demonstrated this were P. Boltwood, J. Chapman, J. Mason,s D. Poole.
The Painting Department had a few samples of signwriting and plastic paint work on display, also the gates mentioned in the carpentry
section were painted by this department and there was a demonstration of graining by M. Massey. Their main exhibits were the boys' dining
hall, the billiard room (now the library)., and the junior boys' club (now the table tennis room). There were samples of wall papering on
display in their shop.
All the shops were open for inspection during the Exhibition for the visitors to look round. The School Department had some very good
puppet heads made by a few of the juniors and their centre of attraction was a project on Hertford and its surrounding district. For the
National Services they covered the newly amalgamated Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Regiments, Hertford Castle, Hospital services,
Women's Voluntary Services, and the public transport. The geographical survey covered public utilities, geology, land utilization of
Goldings, river systems, road communications, new road systems, private estates and land utilization. Industry Covered Webb's Tanneries,
Stephen Austin's Printing Company, and McMullen's Brewery. Altogether the junior school department put on a good display of months of
hard work.'
The houses put on a hobbies section and they were admired by all the visitors who came to the Exhibition.
Aberdeen house's piece de resistance was, of course, the very large model aircraft built specially for the Exhibition by J. Chapman and his
'Aircraft Corporation', Terence Bowden. The brass rubbings by J. Bassett and M. Clewer were also much admired by many visitors. In all,
Aberdeen had twelve cups on display as well as stamp albums by J. Marsh, A. Toynton, and G. Turner, also photography, pictures of
interest (including 'Elvis' and 'Cliff') and travel brochures of Denmark. The stall was tastefully arranged in bright colours. The whole
arrangement was flood-lit and surmounted by the Aberdeen coat-of-arms and motto, Bon accord.
.Somerset had an oil painting of an eagle with its young, and a model aeroplane. There was a good football scrap-book and stamp albums,
also photographs and a model of a Chinese junk. There was a new hobby, painting on glass, by V. Rowlands. There was a display of cups
and medals, and also various scrap books.
Pelham House had arranged some plaster of paris mouldings by R. Wood and M. Massey. The water-colour paintings were done by
G. Pfaff, a coin collection by M. Butt, stamp albums by K. Milsom, and a football scrapbook of 'Spurs' by Derek King; also photography
by E. Budd and G. Bird, and a hobby of pot plants by G. Cape. They had a display of cups which had been won for sports activities. The
stall showed a colourful and attractive array showing keen work and competition.
MacAndrew House had a few paintings by R. Jordan and some more magazines of Denmark by W. Workman. Also included were some
photographs by B. Giles and italic script handwriting by A. Lang. There were on display some model ships by A. Cummings, Duke of
Edinburgh Award books of boys in this House, and books of stamps by M. Beare.
.Cairns House had a miniature garden by W. Witlea, stamp albums and photographs, also Duke of Edinburgh Award books, scrap books
and paintings.
There was a display of Duke of Edinburgh Award books and tents and equipment by Mr. Newton and boys, showing the kind of equipment
used for hiking, etc.
The Corps of Drums had a good display of drums and bugles, also the Drum-Major's sword which had been presented for good playing
and bearing at one of their band parades.
They gave an excellent display of figure marching on the lawn and the leading drummer J. Lau, and solo bugler D. Poole, led the rest of
the boys and gave them encouragement.
I will close this article with the words of Mr. George Martin who said that he could not pick the best stall as they were all equally good
and of a very high standard.

'Dot's' Stall
About eight weeks before the Exhibition a lady called Mrs. Half hide (affectionately known to the boys as 'Dot') had the brilliant idea of
selling things which the boys had made. During the Exhibition 'Dot' had a stall in the corner of the lounge; it was arranged with tin kettles,
dustpans, cake tins, stool frames, etc. There were also some very nice flowers and fruit on sale. 'Dot' and her daughter Jeanette has spent
many hours of preparation embroidering pillow slips, hot water bottle covers and dressing a variety of dolls. There were some early
Christmas cards on sale too. During the four days of the Exhibition 'Dot* did a roaring trade which helped in no small measure towards
the success of the whole Exhibition.


New Admissions since June, 1962

TATE, DAVID, from Barkingside branch home;
BISHOP, KEITH, from Kingston branch home;
COPPIN, ROGER, from Barnet;
LINNELL, MICHAEL, from Leicester branch home;
BUXTON, ROBERT, from Newcastle branch home;
JOHNS, BRIAN, from Devon;
MASTERSON-ANDREWS, MARTIN, from Barkingside branch home;
MALLION, STANLEY, from Barkingside branch home;
WILMORE, ERIC, from Blackpool;
CLAYTON, RAYMOND, from Southend.
THORNTON, ROBERT, from Peebles branch home;
CROWE, GEOFFREY, from Barkingside branch home;
TEMPLE-HEALD, PETER, from Kendal branch home;
TEMPLE-HEALD, PAUL, from Kendal branch home.
RALLEY, CHARLES, from Peebles branch home;
PERRIER, BRIAN, from Kingston branch home;
BERRY, CHRISTOPHER, from Kidderminster;
DRUMMOND, PETER, from London;
GRAHAM, JEFFREY, from Ireland;
ACTON, ROBERT, from Kingston branch home;
SCOTT, GRAHAM, from Frome;
HOSIE, DAVID, from Edinburgh;
HARDING, ROY, from Hawick branch home.
PFAFF, GEORGE, from Buntingford;
LANGLER, DAVID, from Birkdale branch home;
HOWARD, STEPHEN, from Bromborough branch home;
LAW, JOSEPH, from Bromborough branch home;
MURPHY, JOHN, from Llandudno branch home;
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM, from Llandudno branch home;
MANN, RAYMOND, from Llandudno branch home;
WEST, BARRY, from Reigate branch home;
LAW, PETER, from Woodford .branch home;
BROOKE, BARRY, from Kendal branch home;
BROOKE, JOHN, from Kendal branch home;
MITCHELL, ADRIAN, from Southampton;
McNAMARA, ROBERT, from Bromborough branch home;
ROWLANDS, VICTOR, from Bromborough branch home;
MCSWEENEY, KEITH, from Kingston branch home;
BUTLER, MICHAEL, from Boxmoor;
KANE, SHORNE: from Shotley Bridge branch home;
HULTUM, MICHAEL, from Shotley Bridge branch home;
IORNS, FRANK, from Barkingside branch home;
HUGHES, GORDON, from Leicester branch home;
JOHNSTON, ROBERT, from Parkstone branch home;
DAVISON, BARRY (Trevor's brother) from Hexham branch home.

WARREN, ERNEST: September, 1958 to June 1962 Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
RAYSON, GORDON: January, 1961 to August 1962 Situation as a Carpenters Apprentice.
MATTHEWS, PETER: April, 1959 to October, 1962 Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
KENNEDY, JAMES: September, 1959 to November 1962 Situation as Bootmaker, in Ireland. Football colours, played soccer
cricket for the School.
GIBSON, ROBERT: January, 1960 to August, 1962. Restored, Gained proficiency certificate for bugling.
HILL, GEORGE: December, 1960 to August, 1962. Situation as Painter and Decorator Apprentice.
DUNN, ALEC: February, 1961 to August, 1962. Restored.
MALLION, RONALD : January, 1961 to September, 1962. Enlisted in Army.
FURNISE, STEPHEN: September, 1959 to July, 1962. Cadet Drum-Major. Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
RATH, GORDON: May, 1960 to August, 1962. First Goldings boy to obtain Bronze Medal in Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
THOMSON, JOHN (Jock) : January, 1960 to September, 1962. Situation as Gardener.
ANTONIO, BARRY: August, 1959 to September, 1962. Athletic-Sports Mile winner 1962. Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
JORDAN, REGINALD: April, 1959 to September, 1962. Painting exhibited at Children's Royal Acadamy 1961. Scholarship to
Edinburgh College of Art.
CARMAN, FREDERICK: September, 1960 to September, 1962. House Captain. Situation as Painter and Decorator Apprentice.
MOHAMED, DESMOND : September, 1959 to November, 1962. Situation as Bootmaker.
NAYLOR, CLIFFORD : January, 1962 to November, 1962. Restored.
ELLIS, JOHN: April, 1960 to June, 1962. Situation as Carpenter.
CASHMORE, MARTIN: September, 1958 to August, 1962. Situation as Carpenter Apprentice.
HUNDLEBY, PAUL: January, 1959 to August, 1962. Football Colours. Situation as Carpenter Apprentice.
PIKE, DAVID: April, 1958 to August, 1962. House Captain. Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
BACKHURST, MICHAEL: May, 1959 to August, 1962. Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
MOORE, JOHN : September, 1959 to November, 1962. Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
PIERCE, PAUL: January, 1962 to September, 1962. Transferred.

Boys Left During Autumn Term 1962

House Parents; Mr. and Mrs. New
House Captain: Douglas Thompson
Group Leaders: Peter Marsh, Michael Willie, Robert Passmoor, John Lau, Anthony Toynton
Colours: Black and White.
LOOKING BACK on our first term at Goldings we are very pleased to be able to record quite a fair measure of achievement by our House.
We started by, within the first few days, seeing John Bassett off on his trip to Denmark, of which I hope there will be a separate account in
this issue, and shortly afterwards welcoming home our House-captain Douglas Thompson after his much longer and varied journey, the
details of which you can read elsewhere in this magazine.
Patrick Boltwood was our representative from Aberdeen in the School side which took the cricket trophy back from the Stepney Staff side
after four seasons struggle, and Anthony Toynton and Terry Bowden led the House swimming team to victory for the Senior swimming
cup, whilst we retain a half share in the Junior swimming cup with Cairns.
Although we did not shine so brightly on Athletics Day, all contestants put out their best, and we do not doubt that they will bring better
results next Sports Day.
On Prize-giving Day, held during the Exhibition of Work, Aberdeen House carried off no less than eleven prizes, these going to Leonard
Carroll, Michael Hindle, James Brown, Geoffrey Thomas, Peter Marsh, Malcolm Clewer, Brian Stockton, John Bassett, James Turner,
James Chapman, and Douglas Thompson, for which we heartily congratulate them, and the House Stand at the Exhibition was much
commented on by the visitors. We hope to find a separate description of this stand in this issue.
Although we have surrendered (pro tern we hope!) one of our cups (Tennis) to Somerset, we have won by four goals to nil the Senior
Football game, also against Somerset, and our footballers deserve special mention, namely Robert Passmoor, Patrick Boltwo'od, Douglas
Thompson, John Lau, and Gerald Horner.
Douglas Thompson has also earned special praise for his table tennis.
John Bassett who has already passed R.S.A, examinations (English) is now preparing for his Intermediate, and meanwhile, George
Turner, Malcolm Clewer, Leonard Carroll and Erie Magellan are still working towards their R.S.A. Examinations.
Aberdeen supplies a large proportion School Band, is well represented in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme whilst we must
not forget to mention our School Church choir boys!
On the domestic side, we have said farewell to Alex Dunn, restored to his brother in Scotland, and to Roonald Malllon, who has recently
paid us a week-end visit looking very smart in his Army uniform (and we were delighted to see Ronnie giving a hand in the dormitory
work in the mornings, and taking his old place in the band for church-parade!)
We have welcomed the following ten boys, Stanley Mallion, (Ronnie's brother), David Tate, Keith Bishop, Roger Coppin, Robert Buxton,
Michael Linnell, Brian Johns, Martin Andrews, Eric Wilmore and Raymond Clayton,, and we earnestly hope that they will take full
advantage of the wonderful opportunities here at Goldings, and we wish them all success.
Our Archilles heel has this term been the morning dormitory inspection. Although full credit must go to Peter Marsh for his patient and
continued efforts with the sitting-room, there is still room for more continued and sustained effort in this direction with the House in
general, although we can be really pleased with the recent much improved results. Let us set our sights on the Queens' Cup once again—a
prize for which each and every member of Aberdeen House can contribute his points according to his particular abilities.
So if we all look back, we can see that it has been a good term. We hope that we can all honestly agree that we have enjoyed it, both the
work and the play, so that all that remains is for all us 'Aberdonians' together to wish our Headmaster and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs.
Embleton and all Staff, a very Happy Christmas.
To all our boys going on Christmas leave we wish the very best of good times, and to those of us who remain, let us make our Christmas
cheer together.
W. H. N. AND L. N.

House Parent: Mr. J. H. Clarke
House Captain: William Hoy Group Leaders: Kenneth Gill, Anthony Wright, John Mason
Colours: Blue and White
Since Dymchurch a lot has happened. Firstly the departure of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis; all in Cairns wish them well in their new job, God speed
and good luck. No boys have left the House since last term but two boys have arrived, Paul and Peter Temple-Heald, so we take this chance
of saying 'welcome to Goldings and Cairns'.
It seems that we are fated not to win the inspection in the mornings, but even so we hold 3rd position in the Queens' Cup and hope to pull
up higher next term. The efforts shown in other events seem to indicate this. They read as follows:
John Mason, Victor Ludorum (Athletics); William Wildman, Victor Ludorum (Swimming); Tony Wright, David Fall, John Allen,
Noel Mairs, Junior Relay; Kenneth Gill, Senior Relay; Robert Hendry, Junior 880 yards; Brian Smith, Junior 440 yards; Terry Stevens,
1 mile; William Hoy, Bill Hill, Michael Gay, Billy Hicks, Robert Thornton, iSammy Hill, Willie Witlea, David Norman, Robert Backhurst,
William Wildman (Swimming); John Mason (Silver), Noel Mairs, Willie Hill, Willie Witlea, Bill Collinson, Sammy Hill (Bronze)
Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
The above shows the achievements of the boys outside activities, we have also done very well with our indoor work, viz:
Tony Wright, Science and Maths, Sheet Metal Work (Junior); William Wildman, Art and Technical Drawing; Robert Hendry, Physical
Training; William Hoy, Shoe-making (Senior); Ken Gill, Carpentry (Senior 'A'); Glyn Parry, Machine Minder (Senior); Willie Witlea,
Chairman's Prize for Special Efforts.
Enough will be written by others about the Trades section, my main problem for quite a few days before the Exhibition opened was what
could I put on the stand and where would it come from? My worrying proved quite unnecessary as on the Wednesday afternoon everything
started to arrive, stamp albums, cameras, photographs, birds eggs, books on birds, aircraft observing and models, foreign coins, tennis
rackets, scrap books on boxing, football and other sports; and the last item to arrive was a miniature garden, which made an ideal centre
Everyone contributed to this House effort in one way or another, to- so it would be pointless for me to list the names of the boys, so
will just say 'well done everyone!'
We had one worrying spell during the term, which was when ' Derek Hutt's appendix decided to be a trouble, but after having it
removed Derek quickly regained his health. His first question on return from hospital was 'can you have appendicitis twice?' His blonde
nurse at Hertford County Hospital must have looked after him well!
It was once said by Mr. Ellis that we had a promising lot of Juniors, and as one can see by the list of achievements they have jolly well
proved him right. Well done lads! Let us see if next year can bring even more success to our House.
By the time you read these notes Christmas will be upon us. So may I take this opportunity of wishing Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley,
Mr. and Mrs. Embleton and all of you a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.
J. H. C.



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