The Goldonian

Summer 1962

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Ellis
House Captain: W. Hoy Group Leaders: K. Gill and A. Wright
Colours: Blue and White
Again the end of term is almost upon us and the Editor is 'champing at the bit' to go to press.
This term we have improved our position in the Queens' Cup and are present lying second to MacAndrew. We must wait to see the final
result. Most of our boys have really tried hard this term and have developed a House loyalty which does them credit.
Billy Hoy, our House Captain, has now got into his stride and is a tower of strength to his house parents. He is being ably assisted by Group
Leaders K. Gill and A. Wright.
Some of our boys entered for a boxing tournament but unfortunately only one could be found an opponent. Hard luck boys but at least you
entered. W. Collinson came back with an award.
So far the Inter-House Cricket is going with a swing. Out of four matches to be played we have won the first two and of course we hope to
win the third and fourth.
We have received three new boys during the term, M. Gay, D. Fall and J. Allen. Welcome to Goldings and Cairns.
D. Priest and A. Collinson left us during the term to start working for a living.
We offer congratulations to W. Hoy and D. Hutt on their regular appearances for the School cricket team and especially to John Mason who
this year has been appointed School cricket captain. We must not forget W. Witlea who is official scorer. (Is it true that he carries a book of
rules and a ready reckoner in his pocket?)
We have a promising lot of juniors coming up and even though most of them are small in size they are great in heart.
We have not yet really discovered the potentialities of our youngest member who is not yet thirteen. At the moment he is most efficient at
finding mud and the weak spots in his clothing. He shall be nameless except to say he is known to all and sundry as 'Tommy the Terror'.
In conclusion may we wish everyone a happy and relaxing summer holiday.
R. W. E. AND P. M. E.
Mac Andrew
House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Moore
House Captain: Fred Carman
Group Leader: Michael Beare
Colours: Red and Yellow
We were very pleased and proud to start off the term by being presented with the Queens' Cup; having started from bottom and ending by
attaining first position was quite an achievement and we congratulate all the boys for the way they set about this task in all fields.
At the present time we are still holding our own in the competition; however this leaves no room for complacency, as we ourselves proved
last term. Results can change overnight and with competition now even keener we must strive even harder to retain our position.
So far this term we have had neither newcomers nor departures, although we had expected to lose Robert Roberts to the Verney now he is
apprenticed, but evidently we are to keep him for a while yet and we may add that we are pleased to have him. Congratulations must go to
our artist Reggie Jordan, for passing the entry examination to the Edinburgh College of Art, particularly after returning fully convinced that
he had failed; this is indeed the opportunity of a lifetime. Gordon Rath too, is worthy of mention here, for his efforts in the Duke of
Edinburgh Award scheme, the first boy in the School to attain the Bronze Medal standard and according to all reports well on his way to
his Silver (nice going Gordon).
On the sporting side of the picture the main theme has been the cricket; unfortunately though we have not had a great deal of success in the
Inter-House matches, hard to understand this as we have five of our boys frequently turning out for the School team and at least one for the
occasional staff match. Two boys, namely Barry Antonio and Bruce Maple, tried their luck in the A.B.A. Boxing Tournaments and acquitted
themselves quite well, also obtaining nice shields apiece for their efforts.
The tennis hasn't really got into full swing as yet; when it does we will be, pinning our hopes on Willie Workman—he seems to be our
mainstay in this field, unless of course any of our later arrivals turn out to be budding champs.
Wimbledon and the ball boys to be supplied now looms on the horizon, a harrowing time for Mr. Nixon, whom one can see constantly down
on the courts, working against time to perfect these boys and being driven frantic in the process. No doubt, though, when the time arrives
his training will tell and they will acquit themselves creditably.
After this comes end of term and summer holidays, so all that remains is for us to wish all boys and staff a very nice time, wherever they take
their break.
K. H. M. AND L. M.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Hunt
House Captain: David Pike Group Leaders: E. Budd, P. Hundleby
Colours: Green and Yellow
Again the Summer Term is upon us, it seems only a week ago that Spring Term notes were being written.
Firstly, we were sorry to have to say good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jones who have left the school and gone into retirement.
May I take this opportunity to wish them both the very best of luck and happiness for their future.
Another good-bye, this, time to Ray Ram who has left us young un's and gone to join the happy tribe of 'label collectors' at the Verney.
Well Ray, no more butterflies in the tummy for awhile, good luck and God bless. By the time these notes are in print, Jimmy Rose will be
speeding towards London to a situation. Wherever you go Jim our good wishes, and thoughts will always be with you. This also includes
John Ellis who will be tucking himself into a little corner in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.
God-speed John, may good fortune attend you all the way.
May I now take this opportunity to welcome to Goldings and especially to Pelham House, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, who take over from Mr. And
Mrs. Jones, may your stay with us be long and happy. All the boys in the House have a crush on 'Diana', sorry readers I am not referring to
a girl but a dog who belongs to Mrs. Hunt. We should now like to know if there is a way of dividing a dog into portions so as to satisfy all
the dog lovers.
Another welcome, this time to Michael Butt. Let's hope his stay with us will be happy and of great value to him.
Michael Rose left us to go into hospital for a spell and he is now in sick bay happily hobbling around on a walking stick (hey Mike! that's
not a golf club).
I know that the one person who would have liked to write the next few lines would have been Mr. Jones; my writing them gives me an extra
We now have a House Captain, David Pike, who has taken over from Ray Ram; congratulations David. Mr. Jones told me once that this was
the promotion he would like to be here to see. We all take this chance to wish you all the very best.
(But thirteen bob for a hair cut. OUCH! ! ! It looks smashing.)
In the sports line Mick Massey is still improving that 'mighty wallop' which carried him through the cricket season last year and his bowling
is still as tricky. Well done Mike. Willie Dunsford is shaping well at hurdles, keep it up William. Our swimmers have not yet shown
themselves but there is still time.
It seems to me that the only reason for my taking over a house is to write its notes—still never mind, if I didn't do it I should have to throw
away my bottle of ink. I now hand these notes over to Mr. Hunt with the hopes that the editor will not be chasing me for a long time to come.
J. M. C.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwardes
House Captain: Robert Cox
Group Leaders: Leslie. Dawkins, David Poole, Pete Mathews
Colours: Yellow and Black
Once again it is my pleasure to write the House Notes after what seems only a short time. I would first of all like to welcome Mr. and Mr.
Edwardes as they have taken over Somerset and would like to wish them both the best of luck. We are sorry to see Mr. Culver and Mrs.
Darton leave Somerset after a long and faithful service. Mr. Culver has taken over the job of dining hall master and is obviously making a
good job of it. Mrs. Darton is now running the staff dining hall most efficiently and we wish them all the best in their new jobs.
Since _the last GOLDONIAN we have said goodbye to Roger Furley, Colin Bishop, and Michael Kerry, and we wish them every success.
We would like to welcome to Somerset, Paul Goodall, Edwin Rous, and Anthony Angel.
After a hard game against Aberdeen in not the best of weather, Somerset won the Football Cup with Colin Bishop scoring 3, David Gee 1,
and Ernest Warren 1. The cup now has pride of place in the sitting room along with the other cups there!
The cross-country run at the end of last term brought another success to Somerset—well done all concerned!
We hope that by the time the magazine comes out, David Poole's leg will be better and his spots gone and that William Ireland will have
learned to live without his tonsils.
Just a brief note from us at the end to thank everyone for their welcome to Somerset and we hope that the House will be as happy with us as
they were with their previous house parents. May we wish the staff and boys a happy summer holiday.
R. J. E. AND P. V. E.

WANTED—LODGINGS required for healthy, good looking, intelligent, 'house trained' apprentices.
The principal activity at the Verney these days seems to be receiving chaps from 'digs' instead of from school. If any member of staff know
of any possible lodgings we should be most grateful. We are now bursting at the seams having with us once again David Lee and Tony
Coman who both lost their 'digs'. (No fault of their own.)
It's nice to see the Decorating Department back at the Verney, and they are doing a good job of work, particularly Leslie Dawkins and John
Craig, who did a first class job of painting and wallpapering on their own, a credit to the trade.
We at the Verney appreciate the wonderful job done to Goldings Lane, it will save us pounds in shoe repairs and tyres—and wouldn't our
drive look attractive too !
Welcome to Raymond Ram who joins us from the School, and
we hope he will enjoy his stay with us.

ALLEN, TOM : Has now completed his National Service and returned to his trade as a compositor. As Tom lives in Hertford his contacts
with the school remain very strong, and he is now able to get-behind the stumps again for the staff cricket team. Engaged and hopes to be
married next year,
ALSEMGEEST, PETER : Another old boy from the Printing Department who has married and settled in Hertford, and who, unfortunately
has had more than his share of ill-health. However, I am pleased to report that as a result of an operation recently, Pete is feeling better than
he has felt for a long time. I am sure all his old friends will join me in wishing him a complete recovery. Pete is married with two children.
ANSTY, GORDON : Helps out regularly with the staff cricket team.
The fact that he has now been on night work with a local printing firm for nearly three years restricts his appearances to week-ends only.
Another happily married man with two children.
NEWHAM, DEREK : A machine minder who works at the same firm as Gordon and Pete, and is playing cricket again this season. A lot of
old friends may remember Derek as a junior champion at table tennis, but I do not think time permits him to play these days. Derek is
married with one very young son.
SMOKER, JOHN: A compositor reader who also works with the last three named old boys, and is also an enthusiastic committee member
in the local Typographical Association Branch. John has been married three or four years now, and seems to have set his roots in Hertford.
JAMES, JOHN (JIMMY) : Ex-School Captain of fifteen or sixteen years ago, and who left as a journeyman compositor/Linotype operator
ten years ago, now works as a Linotype operator on the local press. Has always kept in touch with the School playing cricket for the staff,
and football for the Old Boys, in fact Jimmy was one of the founder members of the Old Boys' Association. Married with one daughter at
school, and she should have a brother or sister (or both?) by the time we go to press.
WRIGHT, DAVID (Lefty): Works as a compositor with Jimmy, and by what I can hear keeps everyone on their toes. If anyone is interested
in bowls or needs any instruction, I believe Jim and David could put them (w)right. Married with one daughter.
BOUSFIELD, GEORGE: Another compositor of the same era as Jim, and who lives and works locally, also another 'original' of the Old
Boys. I wonder if he still remembers his 'maiden speech' at the first Old Boys dinner? Married with one son. -
FULLER, COLIN: A Monotype keyboard operator at the same firm as George, who spends most of his time setting Arabic I believe, but
please refrain from. speaking in that language. Married and lives locally.
HOPCROFT, ALBERT : After serving three years in the Grenadier' Guards, Albert returned to his trade as a compositor, working at the
same firm at George and Colin. Albert has built his own house and has been married two years.
ADDINAL, VICTOR: Completed his apprenticeship in 1962 and went to Leicester to work, but after a short while returned to Hertford and
works with Albert. NOT married but has first-class lodgings.
MCCARTHY, BRIAN: Works for yet a third printer in the town as a compositor, and plays football regularly for the Old Boys, as indeed he
did while in the Forces. Somehow or other he managed special leaves every week-end. Another married man with one daughter.
BRITTAIN, GEORGE : Left us four years ago to work at St. Albans as a Monotype caster operator, but after a while returned to Hertford
and works with Mac as a compositor. George was married last autumn and lives locally.
TURNER, TOM : A machine minder who left us a year ago and worked in Hoddesdon is now back in Hertford, working at the same firm as
George and Mac. Not married yet, but courting very strong I believe, and playing football for the Old Boys.
BURGAR, TERENCE: Lives locally and after working as a machine minder at Hoddesdon for about a year, has moved to St. Albans. Also
one of the stalwarts of the Old Boys' football team. Engaged.
BUMFORD, GEORGE: Has worked in Hertford ever since he left us in 1955, but has changed firms and works with Tom Turner. Married
with two children.
GRAY, JOHN : Left us in 1958 as a compositor and still works for the firm he went to originally, but in the office now, and has his own
house in Waterford village, which means, of course, he is married.
DAVIES, TERENCE : Another compositor who left us just over a year ago and works with George and Mac. Terry is not married yet, but
I hear that early next year may see him joining the 'band'.
MADDIGAN, STANLEY : Went to Liverpool when he had completed his apprenticeship, but recently returned to Hertford and works at a
firm in Hoddesdon, as, a caster operator. Why the return? Well, Stan is not married—yet!
SANSOM, JOHN : Captain of the Old Boys' football team, who has lived in Hertford ever since he completed his. time in the R.A.F.
'Sammy', a great sportsman in every sense of the word, works as a joiner for a firm in Ware, and like nearly all the other local old boys,
married a local girl.
LEWIS, CLIVE : Unfortunately, Clive .was unable to complete his apprenticeship. One of the dangers in the printing trade is the effect of
lead and lead dust, and after nearly three years it was found that lead and Clive did not mix. However, I am pleased to say he is still in
Hertford, and working in Ware.
WEBSTER, DOUGLAS : After four years as a compositor, Douglas decided that a tied apprenticeship was not what he wanted, and is now
working at a local engineering firm.
MOSS, RAY: An old boy from the Bootmaking Department, and one who has kept to the trade, still lives in Hertford with his wife and two
children, but has given up his partnership with Reg. Howitt, and now works in Welwyn Garden City. TABER, PETER: A Linotype operator
who worked at Hertford, Welwyn Garden City, and now travels to St. Albans. Another staunch member of the Old Boys' football team, his
prowess as a goalkeeper has never left anyone in any doubt. Still single (I believe).


DENTON, STEPHAN : Had a letter from Stephan who was restored a year ago, and he appears to be getting along quite well, especially in
the football world. Present address: 29 Lamerton Road, Reading, Berkshire.
KNIGHT, RONALD : Has now joined the Army, and called to see us a few weeks ago while on a forty-eight-hour leave. Present address:
Pte. R. Knight, 23918288, Intake Wing, Quebec Barracks, Bordon, Hampshire.
SAINSBURY, EDWARD : Spent Easter week-end with us, and appears to be progressing very well. As many may remember, Ed. was a
very useful table tennis player for the School, and he has kept up the good work by reaching the final of the Acton Open Championship.
Present address: 37 Lechmere Road, Willesden, London, N.W.2.
PETTMAN, CHRISTOPHER: Has recently completed his apprenticeship in the Printing Department as a compositor, and is now working
for a firm in Uxbridge. Chris has been a regular contributor to THE GOLDONIAN ever since he came to the School, and : I am pleased to
say he has contributed again in this issue. He has also been a great worker for the Old Boys' Club. The garden layout and swinging sign are
just two of Chris's projects. Present address: c/o 76 Cowley Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex.
HOLDEN, ERIC : Another compositor, who completed his, apprenticeship a few months ago, and has established himself very well with a
firm in Woking as a Monotype keyboard operator. Eric was another lad who contributed to our magazine and to many activities throughout
the School. Many may remember some of the very fine photographs Eric managed to obtain of wildfowl life around Goldings. Present
address: 64 Rydens Way, Old Woking, Surrey.

Local—Hertford Area


ON THURSDAY, l2th April, all (or nearly all) the members of the Goldings Old Boys' Club were collected together in the Club for the
Annual General Meeting, which began at 7.30 p.m. After the year's reports were read and a new Committee elected, the arguments started.
As usual, the same few did most of the talking whilst the rest tried to take a keen interest in what was going on. Halfway through the meeting
Arthur Knight stood up and gave a very interesting talk on the structure of the Club, which was concluded with a handclap and fitting 'thank
you, Mr. Ekin'. Bob Bone, sitting to one side, smoking a cigar, felt he had to stress certain important points and did so, but by 9.30 p.m. No
one could think of anything more to say so it ended for yet another year.
Previous to the Annual General Meeting, on Friday, 6th April, we held a dance in conjunction with the Hertford International Club. In all,
about 150 people turned up and amongst them were most of our own Club members. It started very quietly at 8 p.m. with quite an empty
dance floor, but by 11.30, mainly due to Briden's 'refreshments', most people (mainly our Club members,) were having a real good time. The
actual profit made from the dance is not yet known as we are still waiting for the International Club to let us have their figures. As this dance
was such a success, it is hoped to hold another one in November.
Since the last notes were written the refreshment room in the Club has had a complete transformation. Beer mats, advertising boards, cigarette
packets, in fact just about everything, has been put up on the walls. Also the chairs have been stained and varnished, and bottle labels stuck
on them. Everyone coming into the Club remarks on how much more pleasant it looks. Now, we only wish we could find s6me way to keep
the squirrels from running in and out taking chocolate from behind the bar. The hole at the bottom of the door has repeatedly been blocked
up but they just make another one higher up. Never mind, we shall find a way some time.
Since Chris. Pettman left us Tony Coman has been keeping the outside area of the. Club clean and tidy. The sign that Chris started has been
completed and is now hanging proudly at the beginning of the path. Also a lawn mower has been purchased and if the thing wouldn't keep
breaking down perhaps the Club would have a lawn outside.
In June a cricket match was played and won against a School XI. A billiards and tennis match will probably have been played by the time
you read this. Just after Easter the second games tournament started, with the majority of the members taking part. A cup presented by the
President and Vice-Presidents is to be presented to the overall winner.
Soon after summer our outing is to be held; where we are going is not yet known, but wherever it is there will be a lot to write about.

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