Summer 1958

The Goldonian

News of Old Boys
DAVID ALLEN: Wrote to us in March and is still working and living at Abington. Present address, 7 Conduit Rd., Abmgdon.
AZGAR ALI : Has finished his National Service and is now working at his trade as a Bootmaker in Liverpool. Present address 60a Upper Pitt
Street, Liverpool, i.
ROY ADDINALL: Is now doing his National Service in the R.A.F. His present location is: 5052404 L.A.C. R. F. Addinall, Signals Section,
R.A.F. Syerston, Nr. Newark, Notts.
ALAN BAILEY: Is at present serving in the R.A.F. in Germany. He was at the School from 1949 to 1952 and was trained as a Carpenter.
Present address, 4186927 L.A.C. Bailey, c/o Officers Mess, R.A.F., Mandorf, Germany.
MALCOLM & KEITH BRIEKLEY : Came down from Blackpool to the Old Boys' Dinner in April. Although their stay was only short, we
were all very pleased to see them again. Present address, 17 Knowle Avenue, Clevoleys, Blackpool.
BARRY BOOT : Is doing very well in his trade as a Carpenter and is working for a very good firm at Farnham Royal. Present address, 30
Clifton Gardens, Chiswick, W-4-
CYRIL. CUMMINGS: Wrote In Mr. Culver recently, and appears to have settled down very well. He has changed his address which now is 55
Gloucester Rd ., Philip Lane, Tottenham, N17.
JOHN DOUTHWAITE: haspassed his examination for surgical boot-making , which is no mean achievement. Congratulations John!
Present address 44 Manor Road, Leyton, E.IO.
COLIN DAVIE: Is working in his trade as boot repairer in Dudley. Present address 174 Wren-nest Road, Priory Estate. Dudley Worcs
DAVID FISHER: WHO WAS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL BOYS WHEN THIS School was opened has been making very valuable contributions
to the school in form pictures.and not onlysupplying them but hanging them as well! His Present addresss is 78 Lillington Street London S. W. 1.
BRIAN GREGORY: Spent a weekend with us in May, and is apparently doing very well at his work. Present address, 7 Inman Road, Earlsfield,
London, S.W.18.
OLAF MURRAL: Spent a week's holiday at the School in June. Is working in his trade as a Painter and Decorator. Present address,
126 Hawthorn Drive, Chantry, Ipswich.
KENNETH PROCTOR : Was rather unsettled when we heard from him in March, but we hope he has settled in the right kind of job now. His
address then was Alden Lodge, Dorchester Road, Yeovil, Somerset.
GRANT WILSON : Is now serving in the Black Watch, and spent 10 days with us while on sick leave. He seems to have settled down to army
life very quickly and we all hope he will not have too much "sick leave".

I know that all staff and boys would like to join me in congratulating Tony Bassctt on his recent success in the Junior Examination of the
Royal Horticultural Society. Normally candidates entering for this certificate from County Colleges, etc. do so just before their eighteenth
Birthday this being the age limit at the end of their two year course. Tony having entered at the age of 15 plus, makes's his success all the more
This is the first time a Goldings boy has passed this examination while still at the School, yet many have expressed a desire before to study with a
view to taking it, but found the syllabus so exhausting that they soon gave up. May he press on still further and benefit from his experience in this
fine achievement, and needless to say he has our best wishes.
L. E.

Senior Aberdeen

As the end of the term draws near it is time for us to write our House Notes for THE GOLDONIAN.
Aberdeen has not done so well this term in sports, but we did not do so badly in Cricket, as we beat Cairns both times. We defeated Somerset
once, lost to them once, but were beaten in the play-off.
We hope to do better in the Inter-House Swimming, but whether we do or not we shall not know until the day of the sports.
We have three new boys in our House this term and we hope they like being with us. They are Fred Walduck, Harry Stone and Douglas Webster.
Already Harry Stone has made a grand show in our cricket team for his first term here and we hope that he will carry on doing so.
Those are all our notes for this term but. we hope all the boys in our House will carry on doing their best for the House and for our Housemaster,
Mr. Steele.

I believe that one of the popular tunes from that great musical My Fair Lady is entitled "With a Little Bit of Luck". Well you may say, what
connection has that with Cairns House notes but Cairns certainly need that "little bit of luck" and also a great deal more besides.
SPORT: Howzatt! and Cairns last wicket falls for 13 runs and all hopes of the Inter-House Cricket Trophy were abruptly exterminated. However,
one dream came true and that was the cross country but I must confess, although I was not there to see the finish, it was a very narrow squeak.
Although we had a little difficulty in producing a team for the Athletics I myself and many other members of the House were satisfied with the
days performance. To look at the Scoreboard it seemed as if Somerset had walked away with it but I think it is only fair to say that the spaces at
the finishing tape were very much closer, all the same well done Somerset.
It will not be long now before we have the swimming sports and I hope that the contestants from Cairns will practice hard and see if we can at
least have two trophies in the showcase.
CONGRATULATIONS: go to Mr. Edmonson for taking over the House and settling it down with such rapidity and I am sure that the remainder
of the House will support me in saying that we hope Mr. Edmonson remains our Housefather for a long time to come.
ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES: We welcomed into the House during the past term: Terrence Carrier, John Sills and Arthur Knight and hope
that they will do their utmost to carry on the standards already set by previous boys.
We are sorry to say goodbye to Stanley Wright who has taken up a job in London and we wish him every success.
Soon the majority of us will be off to that glorious seaside Dymchurch, situated in the dead centre of the beautiful Rommey Marshes
Well In those who arc going and to those who ire not, happy summer holiday, especially Mr. and Mrs Wheatley and our
Housefather Mr, Edmonson.

During the last, term Somerset have made remarkable strides in the sporting world. Since winning the Boxing we have never looked back,
except on one occasion when we were narrowly defeated by Cairns, in the Cross-Country. We were successful in the Athletics, which we won
by quite a comfortable margin. We did not win the Cricket Cup so easily, but after a desperate struggle we managed to win by eight runs.
We are glad "Skip" enjoyed his vacation during the Wimbledon fortnight.
We hope that all new boys that come in to Somerset during the next term will keep up the standard set by the present boys.
It is hoped that all staff and boys will return next term, much refreshed after their vacations, whether they have been to foreign lands
(Dymchurch) or stayed at home.
S. LAW, Prefect


First we would like to welcome P. Furley and we arc sorry to lose T. Draper, G. Bishop and K. Locky.
Notes.—Our House is not doing badly in Cricket but we were poor in Athletics. We hope to do well in the Swimming Sports.
Buxton were very sorry to lose Mr. and Mrs. Russell who have been very good to us.
All our House wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley and Mr. and Mrs. Jennings and all the staff a very happy summer holiday.
A. MEEK, M. BULLOCK, Monitors

First we would like to welcome into the House, Hill, Snowdon, Bracken, Randall, J. McRobert, I. McRobert, Peterson and Kimber.
We are sorry to lose T. Vomberg, I. Mohammed, A. Coirum, R. Wright, J. Warner and L. Peek, but they have all done service for the House.
Notes. Once again Kinnaird tried to win the Inter-House
Athletics Cup, for the second year in succession, but the result was a draw. We might have won if our best runner, M. Palmer, had not dropped
out because of leg injury.
The Inter-House Swimming Sports are near and we hope to win the Cup although some of our best swimmers have gone up to the seniors.
All Kinnaird wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Jennings and the staff a very happy summer holiday.

Now the term is drawing to a close it is time to write up our House Notes.
First, I would like to welcome D. Lee, W. Charlton, Hyland and Tyler to our House.
Now I would like to go on to the sports. This year we have had a very successful time. We have drawn two events (which were Boxing and
Athletics) and have won all the rest. Also I would like to congratulate D. Barlow on winning the Victor Ludorum, for Athletics.
May Pelham have as many successes next year as it has this year so far.
Pelham wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Jennings and all the staff a very happy summer holiday.
D. BARLOW, D. MUNDY, Monitors

We him been able to get on with more instructive and interesting training since the Spring Term started as the lighter and longer evenings
enable us to get on with the open air training.
The Cadets attending the week-end camps at Walkern and the senior Cadets taking part in the .303 shoots at Royston ranges have gained much
experience apart from the pleasure of meeting theiir comrades of other Companies.
The surprise evenings—when sealed instructions are given to the Section Commander for the evening are very popular; and the initiative and
resourcefulness shown in carrying out, often difficult tasks, is very encouraging.
L/Cpl, R. Watkins and Cadet R. Furnise attended a P.T. course at Shorncliffe and passed; they will now go to Aldershot in September and take
the advanced course. I wish them success, and hope they win their crossed swords.
Our boys helped to win the inter-pre-services cross-country.
Results:—Seniors: 1, A.C.F., Juniors: 1, A.T.C., 2, A.C..F.
Drum-Major J. Stocking and Cadet Cunningham were selected to attend the County Show at Tring on Wednesday, 21st May, and were very
smartly turned out for their duties at this function.
The fifth internal N.C.O. Leadership Course is nearing completion and there are several outstanding Cadets who may become N.C.O. instructors:
it is hoped to complete this course before Wimbledon.
On Thursday, 29gth May, 40 selected boys took part in a Civil Defence exercise at the School. A large number of them were Cadets and although
the rain was very heavy all the evening, the boys carried out their jobs as casualties very well especially those lying on roofs and in the open in
the rain. The Cadets chosen to direct the ambulances and rescue vans did their jobs very well. All taking part were regaled with a sausage and
mash supper at the Civil Defence H.Q. at the end of the exercise. I was very pleased to get letters of thanks and praise from Commander
Herepath, R.N. (retired) who was the leading officer directing the exercise. Commander Herepath was at one time the Inter-pre-services sports
officer for Hertfordshire.
I was able to take 40 Cadets to see the preview of the Royal Tournament on 3rd June; it is a display worth seeing and does bring out the results
of faultless training, everyone doing his set job and the whole blending into one complete group producing a wonderful performance of skill
and precision.
We shall take part in the annual Battalion inspection on Hartham Common, Hertford on the 22nd June, and I know that all ranks will be a credit
to the School and the Company,
Captain Richards, of the Hertfordshire Regt,,T',A accompanied by Major A. Vigus, M.B.E., A.C.F., inspected the Company on Friday, 30th
May. Captain Richards was imprested by thetraining being carried out as most |of the .squads were being instructed by Cadets who are
attending the N.C.O's. course,
We took part in the Inter Company Athletics at Herts Train ing School on Saturday, 14th June with the following results: 1st (Seniors) 1 Coy;
1st (Juniors) 2 Coy.
We are looking forward to the annual Battalion Camp when I expect to take 50 Cadets. This will take place from Sunday, 3rd to the l0th August,
and is the most looked for event of the Cadet year, because it does give us the opportunity of meeting other companies in the Battalion and
combine in training and recreational sports.
We wish to thank Mrs. Huxley for making and presenting us with our new Company flag. It's a smasher!
I would close these notes by saying that I wish all ranks a happy summer holiday wherever they may be going.
A. P. CULVER Captain O.I.C.
Since my last notes we were sorry to say goodbye to Sgt. Shoe-smith and L/Cpl. Cudby. Sgt. Shoesmith was our solo side-drummer and L/Cpl.
Cudby was a tub-drummer and bugler, both very good lads, I wish them all success in their new life and hope that they will keep in touch, as
many other ex-cadets do.
The first display of the summer season was given by the Corps of Drums on Saturday, l7th May when they led the procession through Hertford
for the Young Farmers' Club Fete. The weather was very hot and the march to Hartham Common long, but all ranks are to be congratulated on
the fine display given after such a hot march.
At the inter-Homes Athletic meeting on Saturday, iyth May a display of counter-marching and playing was given prior to a display by the
School P.T. team.
We gave a display of marching, playing, and ended with the Beating of the Retreat in the Hertford Castle grounds on Sunday, 25th May, at
8.15 p.m. This was well received and the boys were complimented on their fine performance.
On Monday, 26th May, the Corps of Drums went to Wheathampstead in the afternoon and led the parade to the sports ground; there they gave
a display, and were highly commended. The members of the British Legion have expressed a wish to present the Company with a large
Union Jack in appreciation of the display.
On the evening of the 20th June the Corps of Drums gave a display at the Hoddesilon Football Club Fete and were greatly appreciated.
The Corps of Drums will lead the Company and take part in the Annual Battalion inspection on Sunday, 22nd June; they will attend the fete at
Waterford on the 1st June. During the Wimbledon period we shall not be able to accept engagements as most of the boys will he on duty as ball
boys. We shall be at Buntingford on the 12th July and at Barkingside on the 19th July, also at Welham Green on the 26July
This will bring us up to the Summer Holidays and Cadet Camp when we hope to win the inter Battalion Cup again.
There is still great keenness to become a member of the Corps of Drums; this is understandable for most boys like to bang or blow something. I
would say However that it is not easy for it means that if and when yon an accepted you must be prepared to give of your best at all times
The Corp's of Drums brings the School very much to the public eye, so you must be that little bit better than the other fellow and be prepared to
come up to our standards before you are welcome to join our ranks of the very excellent Band of Cadets.
If these notes should catch the eye of any ex- drum-major (either an ex regular army or Cadet) I should be glad of any assistance in training, if
they could spare the time. Our training periods are Monday from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a m until 12 midday.
A.P. CULVER, Captain O.I.C.


2 Coy., lst "C" Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment

East Herts Youth Football Association
It gives me very great pleasure to record in THE GOLDONIAN the successes of our teams in this competition. The senior team surprised us
and the other teams, in the under 18 League by finishing the season so strongly that they snatched the League Championship from Waltham
Abbey Rovers on goal average, the difference between the averages being .064. However, this difference meant winners rather than runners-up
medals and also the possession of the very handsome League Championship Cup, a trophy presented by Tottenham Hotspur F.C. This is the
first time the Cup has enchanced the front hall and in congratulating the team let us hope the Cup will be a more frequent visitor in future years.
The same team could only manage third place in the Under 18 League Cup but here again it was a close finish.
Our Under 16 side did very well to finish fourth in their League but their glory came in the Cup competition. They reached the final and met
St. George's B.C. on the Ware F.C. ground at the end of the season. Such is St. George's reputation that even the School's most ardent supporters
were not very optimistic as to the outcome of this game. St. George's, it must be admitted, were the better side, but only just. At one time, just
before half-time, it seemed that the School were getting on top but it was not to be. It would not be fair to praise individuals, although some of
them were outstanding. Sufficient to say that it was team-work that kept St. George's, to a 4-1 victory, a definite achievement when we
remember the non-stop high-scoring successes they have had throughout the season.
The composition of the East Herts League is under review but it is hoped sufficient teams will apply to make next year's competitions as
enjoyable as those of the past.
R. S.



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