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Steve Chamberlain | steve.chamberlain1@btinternet.com | www.redwine@vinery-bournemouth.com
Hi Bill
Of course I remember you.
I read your e mail etc, but have been a bit busy with family and running my businesses etc and a little ill health,due to age more than life me thinks.I'm pleased your doing alright
16 August 2006 - onthe lawn on the west cliff,bournemouth

Bill Campbell | Knockaden@yahoo.co.uk
Dave, Saw your message on the guest page. Steve Chamberlin should remember me, also Joe Law.I have a photo of some of the Pelham boys. There is D.Langley, S.Chamberlin, J.Law, P.Law,S.Howard,C.White,R.Mann.P.Mann,R.Hillier,R.Hood,J.Murphy,W.Dunsford, the others are out of focus. I hope this will revive memories for some of the old boys. I also have a photo of Goldings in April 63 when it started snowing in Dec 62. Someone might remember it. Good luck to all.
15 August 2006 - N.Ireland

Dave Blower Message recieved today
Hello Mr Blower,
My name is Helen Gurney and I am the Curator at Hertford Museum. We spoke a while ago on the phone I think.
We are in the process of putting together a small temporary exhibition about Waterford and Goldings and are keen to ensure that we include the history of the William Baker Technical School (we have a table in our collection that was made by some of the boys which will be going on display).
I have found the website really interesting and would like to use some of the text from it if that is acceptable to you.
I am hoping to email all the contacts on the page to ask them if they can email or send me any photographs, better still, if any are living close by, then it would be great to tape their memories. We have already taped a Mr Jimmy James. I wanted to ask you the following:
1. Is it ok for me to use some of your text for the temporary exhibition?
2. Do you have a contact telephone number for your president as it says on the website that he lives in North Road, it would be great to tape him.
3. Can you email me some of the images that I can use for our exhibition? I am particularly interested in the days when it was the technical college rather than before.
I hope you are able to help us.
I look forward to hearing from you
Many thanks
15 August 2006 - Hertford Museum

Left Right
Please sir can i use my left name sometimes ???
15 August 2006 - Anon

dyer ken | will ye near come@back again.com
if you all used your right names and stopped these silly games we could have a great site
14 August 2006 - upper guess where

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