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Recieved today from Johnny Allen

Hi Tony
Thanks for your reply we did send an email to Tommy but we have had no reply.
Mick hasnt sent me an email yet.
Our email address is gjallenspain@yahoo.co.uk
I really liked the Goldings webb site it bought tears to my eyes.
Speak soon Johnny
24 April 2006

Peter | send4peter@blueyonder.co.uk
Mel saw your message about st george's day and remembered a little greeting, it goes like this
I awake today and see light rain falling from grey skies.I breath in & smell freshness in the air.I hear birds in the trees & see the greeness of our land. I feel a warm contented glow inside because i have won first prize in life.I am an english man . Happy st georges day be proud
24 April 2006 - Kent

St Georges Day
Tony reminded us yesterday that 23rd April, was St George's Day. Our Emblem the Red Rose of England. Its not celebrated as it should be, other countries such as Ireland or America put on much larger celebrations than the English.
so I just thought I would give it a mention
23 April 2006 - IN ENGLAND

John H Butcher | maltings@linuxwaves.com | also: maltings@usa.net
Is there any trace of a Jack Thorne who I worked with briefly in 1951 on Vancouver Island, Western Canada? He said he was a Barnardo Boy, and I thought he also mentioned Goldings.

My connection with Goldings is through my father-in-law who sold the family home to Barnardos in the early 1920's. Final 10,000 pounds was believed to be an interest free loan, subsequently written off as a donation.
23 April 2006 - We live near Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 1TS

Hello Tony
Good news Dave's been offered a job, just one set back they arn't offering him any wages. I've got to pay them for taking him out of my way.
See you the week end
18 April 2006

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