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Barbara and Richard Rowan.
Hi Dave,

Just a note to inform you that owing to the fact that my dear wife has booked our holidays to run over the weekend of the Goldings reunion and I will be unable to attend. Needless to say this holiday will now be spent trying to reconcile our relationship and to save our marriage after this dastardy deed. This is what happens when one goes out for the day and leaves her to get up to no good.
I hope it is a big successful day for you all so another one will be held next year when I definitely will be coming. Thanks for all your hard work and effort to keep these reunions going and I only wish I could join you. I do enjoy the website and appreciate all the news. Keep up the good work and keep me on the mailing list!

Dick Rowan (Printing, 1959-64)
23 September 2005

Woody | f.jwwood@btinternet.com | mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/the_Wood_Clan/index.jhtml
Hoping to get a few snippits of news etc for the Goldonian, someone who'll remain nameless by the name od Dave Blower is supposed to be sending me some, but would like others to send info too, Regards to you all, and hope to be somewhere on 1st October.
20 September 2005 - at home waiting for delivery!

me again | here@home.com | yes thankyou
yes I was
20 September 2005 - there

am yer
19 September 2005

BRIAN PERRIER | b.perrier@ntlworld.com
great to see so many old boys at the village reunion there was a couple of obvious absentees but in the main nice to see so many old and new faces from as far afield as america and canada hope to see you all at the goldings reunion on th 1st looking forward to it
18 September 2005 - uk

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