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Do you remember the incident down at sick bay in 1963,when Pete Drummond cut his arm down by the cricket pitch,and he was told to report to sick bay and see Dr Jory.He was called in by nurse Bateman, but started jumping all over Dr Jory and started counting "1-2-3-4.The doctor said"Drummond what ever do you think you are doing"and Peter said"Ive been told I can count on you"
14 June 2006

the european parliment are doing a survey on the size of mens manhood in england to save on paperwork they have asked that everybody below three inch's to either display a england flag out of your car window or a bedroom window
i've taken my flag out so who's left flying the flag??
14 June 2006 - oneunglow

brian perrier
rubbish there was not anybody between peter and me how would i have passed the pipe
13 June 2006 - macandrew ,bader room

Tony stop encouraging all these strange boys on the site. Or they might just turn up at the reunion
12 June 2006

yes your are right i did go into macandrew,i told mr goodman that you and blower was nicking my bacca so he said ill put you in with the nice boys macandrew they may be bed wetters but nice boys so i was in the bed between peter drummond and that nice lad brian perrier but low and behold they started to nick my bacca i told that berty geezer from chiswick who sorted it out especialy that drummond he was worse than you fairy so up your i am not a doctor foster next time we meet top field for you
12 June 2006 - cairns cuboard

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